A Shabbat Message From Alan – Final Thoughts of the Summer

L’Shalom from the last Shabbat of 6 Points Sports Academy’s 2015 Summer!  It has been such an incredible session and summer, and I cannot believe that we have reached the finish line.  I am filled with many emotions, but the most prominent are joy, sadness, and pride.  I am filled with joy that we have completed another successful 6 Points Sports Academy summer, having hosted over 700 happy campers.  I am filled with sadness to see our campers and staff leave the American Hebrew Academy grounds, our summer home.  Finally, I am proud of everything we accomplish here at 6 […]

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Finishing Camp Strong

This morning we ran the Apache Relay to finish Session 3’s Maccabiah, and congratulations to the Gold team on their victory!  Seeing the campers push themselves for their teams was heartwarming, exhilarating, and overall, very exciting to watch.  It’s what makes me proud to be a counselor here at 6 Points Sports.  When my campers, and every camper I run into, are smiling and having a great time, that’s when I know that I have done my job.  My goal is to give everyone at 6 Points Sports the best summer of their life, because they deserve it.  These Session […]

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3 Sessions at 6 Points Sports!

By Miriam Adler, Camper and Tennis Major Throughout the many years I have attended 6 Points Sports, this is not my first summer going all three sessions. My first three summers I only went for two sessions, whereas my last three summers I have come all three sessions. From my very first time coming three sessions I cannot imagine not coming to 6 Points for six weeks. I have made so many friends from each session and have had such a life-changing experience that for me it only makes sense to come for the whole summer. The friends that I […]

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It’s A Camp Thing

By Zachary Goldberger, Returning Counselor and Cornerstone Fellow There is something about cleaning a wet bed or getting the ‘who-knows-what’ off the floor that bonds two people together. Even by just having to be around another person for the entire week of staff week creates an adhesive bond between people.  And of course beyond that, those bonds are built even stronger by spending six weeks together counseling children and coaching sport majors.  Being a camp counselor is something I value and do for the experience and the positive impact I can make on the kids. I also do it for […]

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Rock Climbing

18 Things We Love About 6 Points Sports Academy

It is hard to believe that staff has been here for almost six weeks, and campers have been here for either one, three, or even five weeks. This got me thinking. Why not make a list of 18 things we all love about camp

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Shabbat Message from David – Making Ordinary Moments Extraordinary

By David Kaplan, Assistant Director This week, we began our final session for the summer. Also this week, we began reading the final book of the Torah, Devarim. This week in Torah, Moses recounts to the Israelites their instructions: to enter the land of Canaan by crossing the Jordan River. As Moses evaluates the 39 years since the Israelites left Mt. Sinai, he reminds the Israelites that he was never able to lead them alone. He often turned to the wise among the the people for help, especially as the Israelites multiplied in number.   I have recently found myself […]

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Why Our Camp Values Matter

By Hilary Gugig, Returning Counselor, Cornerstone Fellow, and Communications Assistant Every day of each session, our campers learn a different Jewish “Value of the Day.”  These “Values of the Day” have been mentioned numerous times throughout the blog this summer, but we felt it was important to fully explain them and their meaning to us here at 6 Points Sports Academy.  There are six core values that are taught every session of summer: Community (Kehillah), Respect (Kavod), Wellness (Shmirat Haguf), Courage (Gevurah), Compassion (Rachamim), and Teamwork (Shutafut).  The other values that are taught in different sessions throughout the summer include: […]

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Camp Teaches Us Valuable Lessons

By Alyse Feldman, Returning Counselor and Cornerstone Fellow  Although many people don’t consider working as a counselor at a summer camp a “real job,” there are so many things that we learn as counselors, especially here at 6 Points Sports Academy, that can help us when we land that dream job and enjoy success in the rest of our lives.  These lessons and skills are wide and varied, and include, but are definitely not limited to, the following things: Patience. There are few things that I’ve found to be more difficult in my 20 years than standing up in front […]

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