God’s Partners On and Off the Field

By a show of hands, all of us have been to a team practice and nearly all of us have been to a team banquet. Most of us have volunteered to help others: the poor, the elderly, and those with special needs. However, only a fraction of the hundreds of campers or staff here have ever volunteered to help others together with our sports teams.

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L’Dor Vador

by Bruce Silverman Parent and Camp Coleman Alumni “I am ready to go back!” Those were the first words that Ethan said to me when he got off the plane in Ft. Lauderdale. Those are the sweetest words a father can hear after going to a camp for the first time! He actually said that before he said “Hey Dad.” I can’t thank you and the entire 6 Points staff enough for the summer experience you provided for Ethan. He can’t stop sharing his amazing stories with me. Each one fills my heart a little more and reaffirms why I […]

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The Best Parenting Guide

The best parenting guide today is traditional Jewish text. By following traditional Jewish text we learn to teach our children to live healthy lives, to grow to be independent yet caring adults, and even to be fiscally responsible while supporting their communities. Every day at 6 Points Sports Academy our Jewish athletes learn a new Jewish values.  It is taught to them by our Jewish life staff and their counselors, then reinforced during sports majors and electives by our stellar coaches.  The coveted bracelets is one way our athletes know when they have demonstrated these Jewish values.  It is also […]

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A few words from Earl Ferguson, our Camp Board Chair…..

I spent this past weekend at 6 Points Sports Academy.  While there I got a first-hand look at the campers, the counselors, the faculty, and the Leadership Team.  I can comfortably say that I was very very impressed with every part of the 6 Points Camp Experience.  Let me deal with each one:  The Campers were having a “blast”….smiles all around…….Teamwork abounding….excellent instruction……and a respectful observance of Jewish Values and Shabbat Services.  And those campers that I chatted with confirmed the above thoughts.  It was a wonderful sight to see.  The Counselors are great role models.  The Schlichim (Israeli counselors) […]

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By Adam Young Camp Rosh Logistics Who won the 2008 Olympic 200 m free? (Michael Phelps) Who was the second? (Park tae-Hawn)  No one remembers the person who got silver unless something remarkable happens like this story. Sailor Lawrence Lemieux was sailing in the 1988 Olympics and was in second place when he saw two sailors in a bad situation, one barely hanging on to the boat and other swept further away due to bad waves.  He had two choices.  One, to go and help save two unknown sailors who were competing in a difference race and the other, to […]

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Parashat Mas’ei

  Shabbat Shalom 6 Points Sports Academy Family! This week’s parashat Mas’ei…teaches modern lessons for intertwined lives: in a society, community, or family, one person’s needs and desires must be weighed against those of others. Final authority should not belong to one member only, nor should laws be made based on the interests of only one party. (, 7/16/14) At 6 Points Sports Academy today’s Jewish value of the day is Kehillah, community.  Whereas we are a special community of our own with intertwined lives from our various origins and interests.  Although it is for a short period of time, […]

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Hora.Blog.Weisman.Learned at Camp

“Everything I Need to Know I would Have Learned At 6 Points (if it had only existed back in the day!)”

1. Play hard. Have fun doing it. And play fair. Because anything worth doing is worth doing right, and better when you fully enjoy it.

2. Life has value, especially when your life is lived with values. And those middah bracelets look so good and make great memories in the middle of winter!

3. The day is much more enjoyable, and you learn a lot more when you are part of a team, and not just hanging out alone.

4. Surprise packages from family and friends are ALWAYS great – even when you don’t get to keep EVERYTHING in them!

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Shabbat Shalom

It’s hard to believe we’ve already said lehitraot (so long) to our Session 1 athletes, had a fantastic intersession program and greeted our Session 2 athletes with shalom alechem (welcome). The Ruach (spirit) around here never stops.

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