Gina, Jackie and Julie before practice

The Crossover of Judaism and Sports

By Jackie Gordon, Head Lacrosse Coach I am writing this from my spring break vacation to Orlando, Florida.  I’ve been here four days.  Three of them I have spent traveling and hanging out with my 6 Points friends… who really have been more like family for the past six years now!  The regular people in my life sometimes don’t understand how and why I have connected with these people so deeply in the short amount of time that I have actually been around them.  If you know anything about sports or Judaism though, you can understand this concept very quickly. Judaism and […]

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THANKS to you for GIVING!

Dear 6 Points Sports Academy Family, I want to say THANK YOU. A mensch is a person of integrity and honor. When we think of a mensch, we often think of famous people, maybe someone who gives of themselves selflessly or a person of wealth who generously gives to the needs of others. Daily we are reminded to be a mensch, reading bumper stickers on cars and posts on social media for us to coexist, perform random acts of kindness, and/or pay it forward. You should proudly look in the mirror and smile at the mensch looking back at you. […]

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My Daughter, The Hebrew School Dropout

By Sarah Moessinger “My daughter, the Hebrew School dropout.” Those weren’t exactly the words I had in mind when I enrolled Hannah in Hebrew school when she was in kindergarten. And all went well for a few years…until there were some rumblings in 5th grade. But I gamely ignored them, and we soldiered on. And then middle school hit like a tsunami. Hannah was normally a fairly calm, methodical kid. Not anymore. Her anxiety levels spiked as her secular school workload increased. She placed high expectations on herself, expecting straight A’s every marking period. I remember begging her, “Get a B. Just get a […]

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world series

Shoot for the Stars

It’s that time year again, to take a break from bats, balls, sticks, goals, goggles and pompoms to dance with our beloved Torah as we celebrate Simchat Torah.  Is there a place to do both?  Certainly at 6 Points Sports Academy we lovingly comingle our Jewish values and celebrations with our sports.  Is this something that can be accomplished all year-round, you tell me. Jewish athletes, and fans alike, pondered the dilemma during the days of awe; as we slid into Yom Kippur.  Ushering in 5775 and preparing for the Day of Atonement while we made the decision of do […]

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In the words of a camper….

In the words of a camper….

URJ camps and Israel programs enrich and transform lives by strengthening Jewish identity, teaching Jewish knowledge, instilling Jewish values and cultivating lifelong friendships within a vibrant and fun community of living Reform Judaism. The following essay was written by eighth grade student Brentt Goldstein.This summer, I went to camp for 12 days at the Union for Reform Judaism’s 6 Points Sports Academy. I found out about 6 Points Sports Academy because Temple Emanu-El recommended it, and when I went online, read more about the camp and watched the video, I was really excited. The campers looked like they were having a great […]

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L’Shana Tova

  The change of seasons defines Judaism and 6 Points Sports Academy.  Each season offers opportunity for growth, learning and renewal.  During each season, spring, summer, fall, and winter are the cycles of Jewish holidays and the preparation, anticipation and performance of 6 Points Sports Academy. We anticipate the life of spring and summer, especially for 6 Points Sports Academy when we welcome the smiling faces of our excited athletes.  This parallels the hard work of mother-nature that appears with the majesty of life in the summer. Fall may seem like a time of dormancy, as we pull up the […]

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God’s Partners On and Off the Field

By a show of hands, all of us have been to a team practice and nearly all of us have been to a team banquet. Most of us have volunteered to help others: the poor, the elderly, and those with special needs. However, only a fraction of the hundreds of campers or staff here have ever volunteered to help others together with our sports teams.

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L’Dor Vador

by Bruce Silverman Parent and Camp Coleman Alumni “I am ready to go back!” Those were the first words that Ethan said to me when he got off the plane in Ft. Lauderdale. Those are the sweetest words a father can hear after going to a camp for the first time! He actually said that before he said “Hey Dad.” I can’t thank you and the entire 6 Points staff enough for the summer experience you provided for Ethan. He can’t stop sharing his amazing stories with me. Each one fills my heart a little more and reaffirms why I […]

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