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With rumors that the conversion issues are again on the table, as the hold on the Rotem Bill ends, we at ARZA know that each of you will want to take action. (Learn about the Reform Movement’s past efforts to defeat the Rotem Bill on the URJ website). The time is not ripe for press releases and a massive letter writing campaign, though ARZA will tell you when it is! It is time to speak from our love of Israel.  We hope you will help us to engage people’s hearts and souls, as we move towards deepening support of an Israel that we embrace, and embraces us all.  In order to increase advocacy in our congregations, we’re collecting personal prayers for Israel that might elevate awareness and inspire action.

Please post your prayers for Israel in the comment section below. ARZA will collect them and share many of your heartfelt sentiments with our extended family in Israel and the United States.

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Rabbi Daniel Allen

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Rabbi Daniel R. Allen is the Executive Director of ARZA, and has served as the CEO of the American Friends of Magen David Adom and the United Israel Appeal. Allen is considered a leading expert on Israel and American Jewish Philanthropy.

9 thoughts on “Personal Prayers for Israel

  1. I originally planned to share this prayer on my website for Yom Yerushalayim, but your article inspired me to post it there Monday evening and to share it here.
    Jerusalem: A Meditation
    You are mystery and wonder,
    Secrets hidden and secrets revealed.
    You are beauty in the hills
    And holiness in stone.
    City of Peace,
    Why are you still besieged by nations?
    Why are you held hostage from within?
    What errant flight has the white dove taken?
    What mission of love and mercy
    Has drawn her away
    Leaving us to weep, broken-hearted?
    You are prayers and echoes,
    Questions without answer,
    Yearning and hope,
    Radiance and splendor.
    You are my journey and my destination.
    You are my longing.
    You are my sorrow.
    Will you be my consolation?
    © 2010 Alden Solovy and All rights reserved. Posted with permission.

  2. For Peace in the Middle East
    Sons of Abraham,
    Sons of Hagar and Sarah,
    Of Isaac and Ishmael:
    Have you forgotten the day we buried our father?
    Have you forgotten the day we carried his dead body into the cave near Hebron?
    Have you forgotten the day we entered the darkness of Machpaelah to lay our Patriarch to rest?
    Sons of Esau and Jacob:
    Have you forgotten the day we made peace?
    The day we set aside past injustices and deep wounds to lay down our weapons and live?
    Or the day we, too, buried our father? Have you forgotten that we took Isaac’s corpse into that humble cave to place him with his father for eternity?
    Brother, I don’t remember crying with you.
    Sister, I don’t remember mourning with you.
    We should have cried the tears of generations.
    We should have cried the tears of centuries,
    The tears of fatherless sons
    And motherless daughters,
    So that we would remember in our flesh that we are one people,
    From one father on earth and one Creator in heaven,
    Divided only by time and history.
    One G-d,
    My brother calls you Allah.
    My sister calls you Adonai.
    You speak to some through Moses.
    You speak to some through Mohammed.
    We are one family, cousins and kin.
    Holy One,
    Light of truth,
    Source of wisdom and strength,
    In the name of our fathers and mothers,
    In the name of justice and peace,
    Help us to remember our history,
    To mourn our losses together,
    So that we may,
    Once more,
    Lay down our weapons and live.
    G-d of All Being,
    Bring peace and justice to the land,
    And joy to our hearts.
    © 2010 Alden Solovy and All rights reserved. Posted with permission.

  3. Prayer for Peace in Medinat Yisrael
    Medinat Yisrael, Israel you were to be our refuge our hope, hatikvah.
    You were to be the land where we could be a light to the nations.
    Israel you are our home, our safe or not so safe haven, our mystical center.
    Medinat Yisrael, Israel you are today a nation like other nations, taking your place as one among equals.
    We, the scattered Jews, have been “lead upright to our land, in peace from the four corners of the earth” some to visit, some to live. And some of us (not all of us) to pray, each in his own way, each in her own way.
    We the religious ones pray to you God, some daily and some weekly on Shabbat, that you bring peace to Jerusalem. We the observant ones are reminded in our prayers that “we were strangers in the land of Egypt” and that we should welcome the others, the strangers, even those of us, Jehudit, who seem as strangers to others of us, even those of us who pray and live Jewishly yet differently.
    We know God that you left it up to us to struggle with being human, with making peace
    with welcoming the stranger, even the stranger among us, who is one of us.
    So this day we do not ask that You God make the miracle of peace happen for us. Rather we pray that You give us the strength to struggle with each other through sacred words (all words are sacred) and through sacred arguments (loud, angry, prolonged as they may be).
    We pray that with each other and with Your inspiration, we will bring peace within our extended mishpocheh, all of Bnai Yisrael in Medinat Yisrael and in the Disapora.
    We pray that we may fulfill Your promise with much work, with much struggle, with love and understanding, to become a light unto the Jewish people first in Medinat Yisrael, and that the glow from this light illumine beyond in the Diaspora and beyond in the world.

  4. Israel: A Meditation
    You are my people.
    You are my heart and you are my hope.
    We waited together at the mountain
    When G-d revealed the Holy Word.
    We wandered together through the desert
    On the path to sacred soil.
    We watched the sea part.
    We heard the heavens roar.
    We stood at the doorway to freedom,
    At the border of a Promised Land.
    You are my destiny.
    You are my joy and you are my truth.
    We were victorious at Jericho,
    Unyielding at Masada.
    We defied empires
    For Torah.
    We defied kings
    For justice and freedom.
    We’ve traveled the earth,
    Wandered the millennia,
    Refugees of the ages,
    Homeless and hopeful,
    Waiting to return
    To native ground.
    You are my brother in history,
    My sister in fortune,
    The mother of my spirit,
    The father of my heart,
    The child of my longing,
    And the light of generations.
    To you I pledge my right arm
    And my voice in song.
    To you I pledge my soul.
    To you I pledge my spirit.
    You are my nation.
    You are my inheritance.
    You are my home.
    © 2010 Alden Solovy and All rights reserved. Posted with permission.

  5. May the One who binds our wounds grant healing, comfort, and strength to those in Medinat Yisrael who have suffered pain and loss in the recent conflagration.
    Rock of Israel relieve the hardness of heart from those who claim to have exclusive understanding of Your will. Open their hearts to their fellow Jews and fellow citizens; may they learn respect for other’s honor and sincerity and tolerance for views different from their own. Let fires of hatred, arrogance, and disdain be quenched that they might relate to all Jews with compassion and unqualified love.
    Source of Peace protect those who build Eretz Yisrael and the soldiers who assure their safety. Help all who love Zion find the right paths to tranquility and comradship. El nah, bless Israel and its neighbors with peace.

  6. I pray that Israel can achieve peace both with its neighbors and within its own boundaries. I pray that ALL jews of ALL kinds can live together respectfully and peacefully in the one and only Jewish State. I pray that we set a shining example for all people by showing that Jews get along with each other.

  7. I pray that Israel and the rest of the world are always reminded that we are ALL the children of Noah. I pray that each of us finds a way that brings us closer to G-d and those around us.
    “Our view is that there is truth and holiness in other religious faiths. Our view is that there are many paths to God.” – Rabbi Eric Yoffie

  8. I’m saying a mi-She’beirach for all these, and I hope you and your congregations, Hillels, and organizations will join me: for Ira Ivri (עירא עברי) who faces a lengthy and painful recovery from injuries sustained in fire fighting;for the people of Kibbutz Beit-Oren and the religious Kibbutz Nir Etzion, the Arab village of Ein Choud, the artist village of Ein Hod, and the youth village of Yemin Ord and the Druze village of Ousafiye; and for the faculty, staff, students and administration of Haifa University.
    I’m including Ahuvah Tomer, Israel’s ranking police woman, who died when her patrol car was caught in the fire in our Kaddish list.
    Finally, while I wouldn’t say a mi-she’beirach for animals, I do wish r’fuah shleimah for the animals injured when the Hai-Bar project (which returned animals native to the Carmel to their native habitat) burned to the ground, and I am keeping the people involved in the project in my thoughts.
    May we all be warmed and not burned by the fires of Torah and of festival candles this holiday season.
    L’shalom, Justin

  9. All of us at Temple Israel of Hollywood remain steadfast in our support for our own Israeli Reform movement and for an Israel that strives always to be inclusive of Jews around the world, just towards all its citizens, immigrant workers, women, and poor, and concerned for the dignity of Palestinians living under Israeli occupation in the West Bank.

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