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With Yom Ha Atzmaut (Israeli Independence Day) on April 26th, and the first Reform Israel Shabbat immediately following, we know that Israel is on a lot of people’s minds right now. The easiest, most basic way for a Reform Jew to support Israel and its democratic, inclusive nature is to join ARZA! By belonging to ARZA with your $36 yearly dues, you help grow the Reform Zionist movement in the United States and the Reform Movement in Israel.  Our members and their dues, collectively, make ARZA the single largest funder of the Reform Movement in Israel and its Israel Religious Action Center.  Want to join ARZA, but don’t know how? Read on for the basics. We will go into more detail over the month.

Hundreds of Reform congregations run ARZA Membership Campaigns. Some decide to automatically include the cost of ARZA membership in the dues for all of their members. There are also many that have either a check off (where members elect to join ARZA) or opt-out (where members can indicate that they do not wish to join ARZA) option on their bills. Congregations that run campaigns receive a special benefit. They take $2 from each $36 payment, and put it aside for congregational Israel programming. Call your office or your ARZA/Israel committee chair and see how and when you can join in your congregation.

Are you a congregation that does not currently run a campaign but now want to do so?  Send a note to Barbara Kavadias and one of our staff or board members will contact you and help you get started!

If you’re an individual, couple or family, and your congregation does not (yet) have a campaign, it is still very easy to join. Either make an online donation or send ARZA (at 633 Third Ave., NY, NY 10017) a check for $36 dollars. Indicate that your payment is for membership, and you’re all set for the year.

After congregations run their campaigns, they send a membership list with contact information so that we can send out the e-newsletter and other benefits of membership.  If you are a member and are not getting this information, please let us know. We will collect your information and follow up with your congregation.  Please know that we never sell or trade any of your information.

We will go into greater detail on some of these membership programs and others (like Student Memberships, Membership M’od) throughout the month, so if you have not done so already, you may want to subscribe to our blog.

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