Pesach from Israel to New Mexico

Temple Beth Shalom in Santa Fe, NM and Yedid Nefesh in Carmiel, Israel have formed a twinning relationship this year through ARZA.  They are coming up with some very creative ways to get to know each other and to form a Mifgash or connection.  Their Pesach project provides all of us with a window on the practice and meaning of Passover in Israel today.  They have shared their project with us so we can invite all of you to be part of their journey.  The project is not done yet, but they have taken the first steps.

Temple Beth Shalom created a set of questions that were posed to their congregants in preparation for their Community Seder and that they sent to Yedid Nefesh.  Their questions were shared in their e-newsletter.  Here is an excerpt:

Questions for the Community Seder

Passover is known as the Holiday of Freedom. It commemorates the transformation of the Jewish People into the Jewish Nation. It also brings with it lessons of struggle.

What do the rituals of the Passover Seder mean to you? We invite you  to share your thoughts with us and our sister temple in Israel, Kehillat Yedid Nefesh. In turn, our sister temple will be sharing their thoughts with us:

    • Why should we bother with a Seder at all?
    • Which Seder ritual has the most meaning to you?
    • What does hiding the Matzah mean to you?
    • How does singing Dayeinu (“enough”) resonate in your life?
    • Matzah is bread free of all additives, without hot air, and is often seen as representing the bare essentials. What does it represent to you?
    • If Passover is about Freedom, why do we focus on enslavement and pain?
    • Do you have any exceptionally meaningful memories of previous Seders?

…How did Yedid Nefesh respond?  Just watch!

Join the discussion!  Share your answers to their questions in the comments.   And, add one more:

  • Have you ever celebrated Pesach in Israel? Tell us what you did!

Sending wishes for a sweet and meaningful Pesach, in Israel and North America!

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