New Game Puts Fun Spin on Israeli Politics

The World Zionist Organization (WZO) has developed an exciting new interactive game that puts a fun spin on Israeli politics. ARZA will be officially launching the game at a cocktail reception next month in New York City. Our staff has previewed the game and we’re very excited to introduce it to the greater Jewish community.


The game is called “Monopolity,” and it explores the complexities of Israel’s Knesset (Parliament). Participants play as teams, representing various political parties. As the game progresses, they are challenged to view certain political and social issues through the lens of their party. Discussion topics include religion/state, peace, security, immigration, and relations to Jewish communities around the world.

“Monopolity” is colorful, easy to set up, and can be easily adapted based on the size of your group, age ranges, and knowledge of Israeli politics. Stay tuned for more info after the launch!

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