Na’aseh V’Nishma — Let Us Do and Let Us Listen

By Rabbi Stacey Blank

Last week, I was invited to speak before the “Ami-Chai” Pre-Army Preparation Course of the Zionist Council of Israel, based on Kibbutz Keramim.

It is becoming more popular in Israel to delay the mandatory army service which begins at age 18 for one year and to participate in a Pre-Army Preparation Course which generally combines service in the community with study and leadership training for the army.

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Pesach from Israel to New Mexico

Temple Beth Shalom in Santa Fe, NM and Yedid Nefesh in Carmiel, Israel have formed a twinning relationship this year through ARZA.  They are coming up with some very creative ways to get to know each other and to form a Mifgash or connection.  Their Pesach project provides all of us with a window on the practice and meaning of Passover in Israel today.  They have shared their project with us so we can invite all of you to be part of their journey.  The project is not done yet, but they have taken the first steps.

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