Planning High Holy Days Fundraising

by David Katowitz
URJ Congregational Financial Resource Development Specialist.

“It’s like one giant family reunion!”

That is how Rabbi Mari Chernow of Temple Chai in Phoenix, Arizona described the High Holy Days in a You Tube video sent to her congregants last year a few weeks before Rosh HaShanah. Congregants at synagogues throughout North America and the world will soon be coming together for prayer and community. With aspirations and hopes for a year of continued good health and personal fulfillment. At this time of year, so many people are really in a “synagogue state of mind”.

What amazes me is that the video was an integral part of a High Holy Day Campaign effort that we recently highlighted in a fundraising webinar.

Now is the time for synagogue leadership to plan their High Holy DayCampaigns. Taking advantage of the good feelings that congregants haveis a good thing.

So here are some tools to help you. If you have an hour, you canwatch and listen to our webinar titled “High Holy Days: Opportunitiesfor Fundraising”. The links to the presentation and MP3 file arebelow:

Here are some other tools that I hope you will find helpful as well.

I would be happy to offer advice on the letter you are preparing as well as your overall campaign plan.

Enjoy these remaining days of summer.

David Katowitz, the URJ’s Congregational Financial Resource Development Specialist., may be reached at 212-650-4141 or by email:

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David Katowitz

About David Katowitz

A member of the URJ Congregational Consulting Group, Finance Specialist David Katowitz works with synagogue leaders in the areas of financial resource development, finance and strategic planning.

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    Wow! I did not know this type of help was avaliable. Thanks and Shabbat Shalom,
    Michael, Temple Emanu-El, Sarasota, Florida

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