#BlogExodus: A Personal Tale of Exodus

Inspired by Ima on (and off) the Bima‘s #BlogExodus initiative, this is the first in an occasional series of posts loosely tied to Passover.

Once upon a time there was a beautiful wedding except that the bride walked down the aisle right into Mitzrayim.  Thankfully, she didn’t stay there quite as long as the Israelites, but sometimes it felt that long.  Sometimes it felt even longer.

After they were married, the bride worked while the groom went to school.  He was studying to be a rocket scientist.  After class, he went to the gym.  Three nights a week he didn’t get home until nearly 9 p.m.

At first, the groom studied at the same school where the bride’s father worked, so her family was close by.  Then, he got into a Ph.D. program at a school that was 300 miles away, and the bride and groom moved away. Although they had a nice apartment, everything in it was beige.  The color seemed to reflect their life.  After a while, the bride started to feel sort of beige herself.  While she worked, the groom went to school.  When he was finished at school, he went to the gym.  Three nights a week he didn’t get home until nearly 9 p.m.

After many years of study, the groom earned a Ph.D.  Finally, he was a rocket scientist, with a brand new job 3,000 miles away.  Once again, the bride and groom moved away.  This time, it was really far away.  They took a week to drive there in the bride’s car while all their beige furniture and the groom’s car went on the moving truck. Before long, the beige furniture was arranged in their new apartment, and both the bride and the groom were working.  When he was finished at work, he went to the gym.  Three nights a week he didn’t get home until nearly 9 p.m.

One day, the bride woke up and, feeling especially beige, decided that she’d had enough.  She was tired of her beige life and she didn’t want to live in Mitzrayim anymore.  And so, like the Israelites, she made all the necessary preparations. After a few months, she left Mitzrayim.

That was nearly 10 years ago.  Today, the bride lives in a Promised Land of her own making in New York City, and her life is anything but beige.

The End.

Originally posted on JanetheWriter Writes.
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