I Am Proud to Be a Jewish Woman Because…

All May, we’re talking about the 40th anniversary of women in the rabbinate – but we’re also raising up the many ways that women have impacted, affected, and contributed to Reform Judaism. On Facebook and Twitter, we asked Jewish women to finish the sentence, “I am proud to be a Jewish woman because…” A few of the answers we received included:

  • “I am the past, present, and future of Judaism.” – Lauren R.
  • “Our values, teachings and traditions are helping me to be a great Mom!” –Danielle R.
  • “Our teachings tell me it’s OK to have disabilities and be different.” –Allie Marie L.
  • “I cannot imagine being anything else!” –Sandee H.
  • “It means I have proud Jewish children who will live to their full potential while being a light unto others showing love, respect, non-discrimination and determination to others in the ongoing struggle to bring peace to the world, one person at a time if necessary.” –Kim V.
  • “Judaism doesn’t require me to hand over my mind or body.” –Sara E.
  • “I come from great stuff!” –Ruth A.
  • “I love being Jewish more than life itself, and love Israel and our people. I strive every day to do better, to try harder, to be a better Jewish woman than I was yesterday. It means everything to me.” –Mary Ruth A.
  • “I am history in the making, I am the future in every one of my children.” –Yancy V.
  • “It makes me part of an amazing and supportive community that will follow me anywhere I choose to go.” –Logan K.

We’d love to hear your answer – and if you’re not a woman, tell us why you’re proud of the Jewish women in your life! You can also join the conversation on Twitter using the hashtag #JewishWoman.

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Kate Bigam

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Kate Bigam is the URJ's Social Media and Community Manager. Prior to this, she served as a Congregational Representative for the URJ's East District and at the Religious Action Center as Press Secretary and as an Eisendrath Legislative Assistant. Kate resides in Northeast Ohio.


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