Prayer for Kindling the Lights of Shabbat

In the eternal shadow of our mother, Sarah,
Often with my grandmothers and their mothers, too,
Standing beside me as I hold the clean white candles and
Clear the thoughts that crowd my weekday mind,
I enter the open arms of Shabbat
Surrendering to the peace she offers.
In the steady flame I see our strength,
Here and in places unknown to me.
Our voices blend into one as these timeless words,
Spoken from generation to generation, guide us into the warmth of Shabbat.

[Blessing over candles]

May these burning candles reveal the wisdom of a thousand generations
Opening us to light, understanding and peace.

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Deborah Rood Goldman

About Deborah Rood Goldman

Deborah Rood Goldman is a member of the Garden City Jewish Center in Garden City, N.Y. She also is the URJ librarian and a member of the Marketing and Communications team.

2 Responses to “Prayer for Kindling the Lights of Shabbat”

  1. Audrey Merwin

    Lovely! Rings true for so many of us.
    Yasher koach!

  2. avatar

    The prayer is as beautiful and meaningful now as when it was first written. It still rings when it is done during Services. Thank you again.

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