The Torah In Haiku: Va-y’chi

As Genesis ends
We see the last of Joseph
And two thousand twelve

At new beginnings
Or when, for some, it’s the end
We need strength – Chazak

An interesting coincidence – on the final Shabbat of 2012 we finish this year’s journey through Genesis, which ends with the death of Joseph. But what we call “the end” is often just a way to mark our arrival at a milestone. When we get to the end there is something beyond – new beginnings, new experiences, new challenges.

For that we need strength. So with the end of Genesis and the beginning of 2013 arriving in the same week, we say chazak, chazak, v’nitchazek. Be strong, be strong, and may we be strengthened together.

Photo by damaradeaella via Flickr



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About Ed Nickow

Ed Nickow is a teacher and member of the Board of Trustees at Temple Chai, Long Grove, IL. This post is from his blog The Torah in Haiku.

One Response to “The Torah In Haiku: Va-y’chi”

  1. Larry Kaufman

    Not quite Joseph’s end.

    Moses will pick up his bones

    And carry them home.

    Joe lived seventeen

    Years in Canaan, hated by sibs.

    Why be buried there?

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