Rabbi Rick Jacobs Reacts to President Obama’s Speech in Israel

I felt pride as an American and as a Jew in listening to President Obama’s remarkable speech to the Israeli people today. It was an historic speech, perhaps the most important in recent memory by an American president.  The powerful recognition of Israel’s right to exist was important, as well his eloquent and heartfelt recognition of the challenges and the opportunities that Israel faces as it seeks a peaceful and hopeful future.

“I agree with our president that, ‘Peace is necessary…the only path to true security.’  As the leader of the largest Movement of Jews in North America, I want to thank President Obama for his vision, his energy and his leadership. We stand in support of the President as he works to help bring peace and security to the state of Israel.

Read the prepared text of President Obama’s speech. Video to come as soon as it’s available.

Photograph: Jason Reed/Reuters

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Rabbi Rick Jacobs

About Rabbi Rick Jacobs

Rabbi Rick Jacobs is the president of the URJ. See his full bio and other writings on the URJ website.

2 Responses to “Rabbi Rick Jacobs Reacts to President Obama’s Speech in Israel”

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    Did you hear his speach in gaza today? Obama continues to talk out of both sides of his mouth.

    He is not a freind to Isreal. To state the obvious which should not need stating: Obama identifies more closely with the Palistinians.

    As Obama conversationaly asks Hamas to govern more rockets are fired into Isreal.

    Obama’s speeches in the middle east are clearly “Remarkable”

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      Glad someone said it! Thanks Seth! He does what all politicians do, tell people what they want to hear. Israel has requested only one simple thing before talking to the other side: publicly state that Israel has the right to exist. Still haven’t done it, never will.

      Anyone see Huckabee? Showed guts to state the truth – no such thing as Palestinians.

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