Internet Round-Up: The Best Jewish Stories on the Web

Here are just a few of the recent stories from across the webosphere that speak directly to (and about) Reform Jews. What Jewish stories have you been reading recently? Leave a comment and let us know!

  • “Community Effort Propels Garden Beyond Humble Roots,” Jewish Light
    The Garden of Eden, which was developed as a project to feed the hungry, serves as a partnership between the JCC and the Reform Movement. The idea came from Lesley Levin, who wanted to start a community garden to supply fresh vegetables to the food pantry. The community garden attracted the interest of low-income families from Asia, who introduced community to members new planting techniques. In the end the garden serves as an “unexpected partnership between cultures – and gardening techniques.”
  • “After Sandy, Bill to Allow FEMA Disaster Aid for Synagogues Remains Stalled,” Jewish Daily Forward
    While it may seem that much of the Brighton Beach community has recovered from Hurricane Sandy, however, many synagogues and other houses of worship are still in disrepair. While the House of Representatives proposed a bill that would, “effectively revise government restrictions on FEMA,” and give these congregations aide, little progress has been made. Congregations in the area had damages well over 10,000 dollars.
  • “Georgia’s Juvenile Rape Problem,” Atlanta Jewish Forward
    Researchers found that four of Georgia’s juvenile detention facilities rank among the worst U.S. facilities for the sexual victimization of incarcerated youth. The Religious Action Center of Reform Judaism, in a coalition with other organizations, is lobbying legislation that would “legislation’s goal was to prevent prison rape while respecting the role of state and local governments in the administration of correctional institutions.”
  • “Synagogues Stay in Touch with College Students,” Canadian Jewish News
    Synagogues across denominations keep in touch with college students in a variety of ways, from sending holiday food packages and putting the students on the newsletter mailing list, to inviting them to participate on Facebook pages and having the rabbi visit campus to take them out for dinner.
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