Spotlight on Early Childhood Education

Reform Judaism Leads the Way on Early Childhood Education

The way we look at early childhood engagement is rapidly changing. In a recent JTA article titled, “Free tuition? Jewish preschool leaders say money’s not the problem,” URJ Faculty Member Cathy Rolland discusses the Reform Movement’s role in the evolving realm of early childhood education and the importance of building a collective voice in the Jewish world around early engagement issues.

The Union for Reform Judaism, in partnership with Early Childhood Educators of Reform Judaism (ECE-RJ), is leading the way in Jewish early childhood engagement.  We continue to work hard to ensure the Reform Movement’s voice is heard in avenues around developing standards of excellence and being a leader in the recent conversation around Jewish Head Start, an initiative to provide subsidized full day Jewish Early Childhood.

The URJ’s commitment to providing quality early childhood programming is reflected in the sessions offered at next week’s URJ Biennial. Topics pertaining to early childhood education and early engagement will highlight the amazing work happening in the field. They will also including the sharing stories and best practices from congregations in our Communities of Practice, Pursuing Excellence Through Your Early Childhood Center and Successfully Engaging Young Families.

The following are just a few of the high-level learning sessions that relate to early childhood education and early engagement at Biennial:

For more information, visit We look forward to the leading role the URJ and ECE-RJ will continue to play in raising the standards and expectations in the field of Jewish early childhood engagement.

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Natalie Kianoff

About Natalie Kianoff

Natalie Kianoff is the Coordinator of Early Childhood and Engagement Strategies at the URJ. She is currently working on numerous early childhood initiatives including PJ Library, Communities of Practice, and full-day early childhood education.

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