URJ President Responds to Announcement By Palestinian Authority President

President Rabbi Rick Jacobs, president of the URJ, released the following response to Wednesday’s announcement by Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas:

We are deeply disappointed by yesterday’s announcement from Palestinian Authority President Abbas that the PA will no longer abide by the terms of the Oslo Accord. For more than two decades, the Accords have provided a framework for the eventual establishment of a permanent peace between Israel and the Palestinians leading to the creation of a Palestinian state. To formally abandon this basis for peace is a terrible and cynical bet against the future of Palestinians and Israelis.

We hold no illusions about the difficult moment at hand. The world, and the Middle East in particular, are far different than they were when Prime Minister Rabin and Chairman Arafat signed the Accords on the White House lawn. What has not changed is the hope of Israelis and Palestinians alike that their children will grow up in an atmosphere of peace, security, and opportunity.

We urge President Abbas and the PA not to abandon this valuable framework for peace, but to embrace it, and commit to those steps that will move the process forward. And we call on Prime Minister Netanyahu to similarly take steps that will hasten the achievement of a two-state solution and a lasting peace.

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From the URJ

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