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Dr. Jonathan Woocher at the Education Summit: Looking Back and Moving Forward

In Dr. Jonathan Woocher’s talk at the Education Summit at URJ Biennial yesterday: Jewish Education is Dead. Long Live Jewish Education, he discussed what has changed and what is staying the same in Jewish education. He got us thinking with this short video from the New Brunswick, Canada school system.  As a parent, I found […]

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Jewish Education is Dead; Long Live Jewish Education – Thoughts on Jonathan Woocher’s Keynote

I wish I had coined that phrase: “Jewish Education is Dead; Long Live Jewish Education.”  But in truth, this is the title of the talk by Dr. Jonathan Woocher, the Chief Ideas Officer of JESNA, the Jewish Educational Service of North America.  Dr. Woocher, whom I have followed through his writings for years, spoke at the Union […]

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The “New Jewish Family”

So often we talk about the “New Jewish Family” as if overnight the Jewish family has radically changed. The truth is our families have been changing for some time. Less than a third of Jewish households are made up of a heterosexual married couple with children living at home. More households are made up of […]

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Family Reunion

I got out of my cab at the Gaylord Center and I only walked about 5 feet before I saw a familiar face. And then another. And another. I finally made my way up to the convention registration desk but I didn’t even get in line before I found myself in a clutch of friends […]

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URJ Biennial

This Will Be the Very Best Biennial

by Jane Rips The first time I was at the Gaylord National Harbor was for a NFTY convention. The hotel was filled with our NFTY delegates and the halls literally rang with song and laughter and even a few tears. Their enthusiasm and ruach (spirit) was infectious.

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Sage Advice For a New Biennial Attendee

by Ellen Alexander (originally posted on The Jacobs Camp Blog) On the way to work this morning, I called Grammy. Grammy is a wonderful woman who, right after I married my husband – her Shawn!, adopted me as one of her very own grandchildren. She is a gem, and I love her dearly. We talked […]

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Tina Wasserman

What’s Cooking at Biennial?

by Tina Wasserman Today was a terrific day! I drove to Virginia to be at Temple Beth El in Alexandria. The wonderful ladies of that synagogue’s WRJ offered to help me prepare all the foods I am presenting at the Biennial this week. To thank them, I gave a talk about the history of Jewish […]

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NFTY at Biennial – I’m Ready!

by Jacob Levine Coming form a fairly self-contained Jewish community, my Jewish self three years ago wouldn’t recognize me today: shorter hair, different glasses, and the regional RCVP of NFTY-MI. I imagine he would say something like: “What on earth is NFTY?”. Coming out of Biennial, I expect the same reaction, only this time I’ll […]

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2011 URJ Biennial

How do we Connect, Inspire, and Engage Kids: What We’ve Learned from Camp

Counting the days until the URJ’s Biennial convention outside of Washington, D.C. became that much more exciting after a planning session with some colleagues.  Gathering together by telephone from all across the US, we – three camp directors, three rabbis, and one talented URJ specialist – put our heads together to plan a Biennial session […]

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Get Teens in the Door by Offering Them a Piece of the Pie

by Michelle Renfrow I work as a full time youth director at a large congregation in Houston. I am a mother, a daughter, a sister and a wife. I am very creative and love to use my ideas to enhance the programs at Beth Israel. However, the old adage “You can lead a horse to […]

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A transition concludes, transformation begins…

We are in the midst of the Jacob stories in our Torah readings. Jacob’s life is marked by a series of transitions: birth, taking of the birthright and blessing from Esau, the journey to live with Laban, marriage to Leah and Rachel, and finally the return to his homeland. Each one of these transitions is […]

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Parenting Podcast: Relationships, Respect and Relevance: The Synagogue as a Refuge for Teens

by Craig Parks You can imagine my shock when several of my almost 20 ninth graders told me that they had to beg their parents to let them come to pre-confirmation. The parents were worried that their kids already had too much on their plate with school and the plethora of other activities programmed into […]

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Experience Israel and World Jewry Without Your Passport

by James Cherney The upcoming Biennial will provide you and your fellow congregants and friends an unprecedented opportunity to experience the exciting development of Progressive Jewry in Israel and throughout the world. How? First, you can attend learning sessions on a whole range of topics: learn about developing Progressive communities in Central and Eastern Europe […]

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Personality Goes a Long Way: Using Your Website to Tell Your Congregation’s Story

by Robin Riegelhaupt I recently went to the website of a musical revival that just opened on Broadway. When I clicked on the cast bios, I was delighted to see that not only could I learn what other shows each cast member had been in (which is typically listed in the Playbill), but I could […]

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