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Americans Comfortable with Presidential Expressions of Faith

Religion and politics go hand in hand in American life. The relationship between the government and religion were of such importance and concern that our founders thought it necessary to write the Free Exercise and Establishment Clauses into the First Amendment. But while the relationship between the government as a whole and religious entities has […]

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Update: Faith in the Election

In October of last year, Rabbi Saperstein, the Director of the RAC and an expert on church-state law, and Oliver Thomas, a noted First Amendment scholar and lawyer, partnered to lay out five rules candidates and the public should follow concerning faith in the upcoming election. The op-ed does not seek to remove religion from […]

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Rabbi Eric Yoffie

Why Obama and Romney Should Share Their Religious Beliefs

It is not likely that either President Obama or Gov. Romney will say much about their religious beliefs during the upcoming election campaign, and this is unfortunate. If they were to do so, it would be good for them and good for the American people. America is by far the most religious of the western, […]

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