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Strengthening Reform 15: The Great Mitzvah Muddle

by William BerksonThe latest expression of the principles of Reform Judaism is the six-page “Pittsburgh Principles” of 1999. The book A Vision of Holiness: The Future of Reform Judaism, by Rabbi Richard Levy, begins with this statement, and expands on it to explain it more fully. One of the questions that was put to focus […]

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Strengthening Reform: 14. The Idol of Autonomy

By William BerksonWhat should Reform congregations do by way of studies for children, for adults? What personal ethics should they espouse? What social reforms should they advocate? What rituals, celebrations, and memorials should they practice? What should the content of the prayer book? What home rituals should they encourage? And who should make these decisions? […]

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Why Talitot

By Larry KaufmanIt’s the custom in our congregation for the person who presents the d’var Torah to pose questions for discussion by the kahal, the community. Leading the discussion on Shelach Lecha, I noted that this parashah includes the commandment to wear fringes, a commandment that was essentially negated in Reform Judaism by the Pittsburgh […]

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