A Bar Mitzvah to Remember

by Nina W., Camp Coleman parent

Daniel and His Family Celebrate Daniel Becoming a Bar Mitzvah

Daniel and His Family Celebrate Daniel Becoming a Bar Mitzvah

Planning a second Bar Mitzvah is always easier than the first especially when the Bar Mitzvah boy has 3 summers of Camp Coleman under his belt. Because of camp Daniel already knew all the prayers and was able to really focus on his Torah portion and the special melody that was needed to chant it.  Adding to the easy of the service was the fact that it was led by Coleman cheerleader and faculty member Rabbi Daniel Treiser.  The only real question was what was the theme going to be.  As Daniel’s date approached he really did not have any ideas about what he wanted to do. So we thought about what he loved and the first thing that popped into his mind was Camp.  A theme was born.

So on January 26th, which was also Tu BiSh’vat, the New Year of the trees (how appropriate), we turned our Temple’s social hall into Camp Daniel.   Place cards were attached to carabiner clips and hung on a zip line.  The “sign in” plaque looked like a tree trunk and the gift box was a cabin.  Table assignments and center pieces depicted Daniel’s favorite camp activities.  The DJ split the kids into two teams for a mini MAC and they competed in the games the DJ played.

Colemanites Leading Hamotzi

Colemanites Leading Hamotzi

Daniel’s candlelight ceremony was set on the lake with the dock holding the candles and of course the Blob was there.  For Hamotzi we called up all current and former Colemanites.  We had 10 current campers and 5 alumni, including his Dad.  Of course they sang Hamotzi camp style!

For the kid’s dinner there was no discussion needed.  We served fried chicken, mashed potatoes and baked apples.  The parents even got in on it with an appetizer of stripped Butternut Squash Raviolis that looked suspiciously like the Blob.

The party continued with the best song session ever.  We had the Coleman video playing on the big screen. For the green screen photos with actual camp scenery as the back drop.  We also had sports equipment as props and even swim goggles, which apparently played a role in how Daniel got his camp nickname of “Merman”.

While Camp Daniel was a fabulous once in a lifetime event, we are fortunate that Daniel  and his brother will get to experience Camp Coleman for many more summers.


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