Coleman’s Reach: Introducing our New Alumni Chair

by Lara Baker, Alumni Chair, Camp Coleman Alumna, and Camp Coleman Parent

Lara at Camp Coleman

Lara at Camp Coleman

Admittedly, my summers at Camp Coleman were not the prettiest years of my life (especially the summer Lauren Siegendorf poked me in the eye during a basketball game and I had to wear an eye patch for the better part of camp), but they certainly were the most memorable.  I attended camp from 1977 to 1981, and to this day there are very specific memories about camp that not only make me smile but keep me connected to my Jewish roots.  And who would have ever guessed that in February 1990, I would meet future husband at the Tiki Bar in the Keys only to learn that he too was a Coleman camper.  Although Howard and I never met at camp (he was a Pioneer when I was just a lowly Junior), we instantly share a connection to our Jewish summer camp experience. Howard and I married in 1992 and had three children.  There was never any discussion about where they would go to camp, only about how old they needed to be.  Dani (19) was a camper from 2002 to 2009, Noah (17) from 2005 to 2011 and Libby (12) started in 2009 and will be in Nachshonim this summer.

The Baker Family Today

The Baker Family Today

Last year, I received a phone call from Bobby asking me if I would serve on the Broward County Scholarship Fundraising Committee and be part of a first ever fundraising event in our community.  I was happy to get involved and worked with an amazing group of people.  It was at our event that Bobby approached me about taking over the position of Alumni Chair for the Coleman Committee. While I was not really sure what kind of commitment I was walking into, I was happy to find the time for such a great cause.  My decision was further sealed when I attended the Bat Mitzvah of one of Libby’s friends and the service was being led by Rabbi Gayle Pomerantz (my former counselor) and Cantor Lisa Siegel (my camp song leader) and around us were campers of all ages.  Howard and I sat in that service and felt so connected to camp, and I realized what an impact attending Camp Coleman had on so many aspects of my life.

I am honored and excited to take on this new position.  I look forward to hearing from you with ideas about how we can keep our Alumni connected to camp.  Feel free to reach out to me anytime through my e-mail ( or on Facebook.  And now that I’ve introduced myself there is only one more thing to say….C-O-L-E-M-A-N, Coleman is our name Hey!

eyepatch group

The Summer of Lara’s Eye Patch (1981)- 5th Row Back, 3rd Person from the Left


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