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Crane Lake JTFN

For the past 4 weeks, 20 Chaverim campers have been part of the JTFN Kesher course. JTFN is the Jewish Teen Funders Network. We, the JTFN campers, have been given a grant of $1000 along with 37 other camps across the country. First, we established which Jewish values we thought were the most important.  Keeping those values in mind, we came up with our own mission statement. Then we researched non- profit organizations that submitted Requests for Proposals.  We wanted to see if they aligned with our mission statement. We narrowed down the selection of possible organizations to donate the money […]

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Israel at Crane Lake

By Noam Noy, Israeli Counselor I always knew I wanted to be a counselor at a Jewish summer camp in the US. Why? I don’t even remember why. Maybe it had to do with the fact that I was a big fan of “Camp Rock” the movie or maybe because it just sounded like a fun way to spend my summer. After finally finishing two years at the IDF I knew it was my time! I took my Israeli passport, a not so big suitcase and with a big help from the Jewish agency (and a very long process) I […]

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Our New Chadar Ochel

Talk about a game changer at Crane Lake! Check out the inside scoop of our brand new Chadar Ochel!

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Naomi Less Shines at Crane Lake

By Jenny Rehkugler, Communications Specialist  This week Crane Lake hosted a very special musical guest, Naomi Less. Naomi visited for one whole week to bring our community together in song and prayer with a little added touch of uniqueness. Naomi is a celebrated Jewish musician who is known for her rocker chick attitude and Jewish identity building songs. Every Friday night before Shabbat dinner, Crane Lake says the Yevarechecha, a blessing for our children before we eat and pray at services. We asked Naomi to join our Kehilah this week to help us write an entirely new prayer for our […]

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Israel Shabbat-O-Gram 7/21

Shabbat Shalom from group nine! Time for some more monotonous rhymes. Last week we waved goodbye to the desert sand, Traveling to the heart of the Holy Land. At kibbutz Tzuba we spent our first Israeli Shabbat, At the Jewish quarter we found some great shops. All the while making sure our water bottles were filled to their tops. We crawled under Jerusalem in a pitch-black tunnel with a ceiling so low Where the next turn would be, nobody could know. We visited the Kotel, motel, Holiday Inn, While learning Jewish history we added a few modern spins. Next we […]

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Letter from Debby, Max and Sarah 7/20

We had yet another wonderful week here in the Crane Lake bubble! Our third week brought in trips for every unit, a wonderful whole camp Shabbat and the dedication of our brand new Chadar Ochel. On Monday we sent out our first trip, the oldest campers Olim to Montreal. They had a fantastic time at Lake Placid visiting the Olympic center, jet boating, shopping and laser tagging in Montreal as well as eating delicious ice cream at Ben and Jerrys in Vermont. Upper and lower Chaverim were the next to depart to both New York City and Boston. Upper Chav […]

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Enjoy the great outdoors from the comfort of your home.  Check out our brand new Teva video featuring our new Teva site.  We promise no mosquitos but we can’t promise you won’t be craving a smore =)

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Bonim shabbat

Shabbat Snippets 7/19

Bonim were our leaders this week at Shabbat services on Friday night and Saturday morning. They touched on the themese Sh’mirat Ha-guf, protecting our bodies, and vows. Here are a few snippets of what Bonim campers wrote for in between prayers. By Kayla, Grace and Rachel Kayla:  The Shema is about listening.  The meaning is, “Listen, people of Israel, Adonai is our God, Adonai is our only one.”  Listening to our friends at camp is important in order to hear and understand. Grace:  This week we talked about Shmirat Haguf, guarding and taking care of our bodies.  In order to take […]

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