Jane Says…On Trying Camp Activities!

Welcome to my “Jane Says” blog… it’s like “Dear Abby”, but Camp George style. In this edition, I’m answering questions about camp activity areas and trying new things!

-Can’t wait to see you on Maple Lake!

Jane HK



Dear Jane,

My nine year old child does not know how to ride a bike and is worried about being left out when her cabin has Biking. How can this be accommodated?


A worried biker

Jane says:

Have no fear; all of our staff (and especially our Bike specialists) understand the reality that campers all have different levels of biking skills. This issue is also common among some our youngest campers. If possible, we do recommend that your child does try out biking before the summer. In any case, our Bikes specialists and our counselors are there to take the time, one on one, to help teach your child how to bike. Over the years, I’ve been lucky enough to watch many campers learn to ride a bike up at camp and it’s definitely one of my favourite accomplishments to see!


Dear Jane,

My child has never gone swimming in a lake before. I worry that he might be hesitant about getting in. How do you suggest preparing them for this?


Never been in a lake

Jane says:

We recommend talking to your child about this issue. Things you can tell him to prepare him for the differences between say the lake and a pool might be that the bottom of the lake is sandy (in some spots there’s even clay!) or that sometimes there are pieces of plants etc in the water. But more importantly, tell your child about all the fun that they will have in the lake! There is really nothing better than cooling off on a hot day with a dip in Maple Lake! Plus in addition to swimming lessons we have tons of other fun activities that happen on/in the lake, like Sail, Ski, and Paddlesports.( We even have a water trampoline!)


Dear Jane,

My daughter has a fear of heights, but really wants to try the Ropes Course. How will this issue be dealt with at camp?


Afraid of heights

Jane says:

Up on Maple Lake, we know that each camper has certain activities that he/she might be nervous about. Me? I’m also not crazy about heights, but over the years, with the support of my staff and friends, I have conquered several of the Ropes Course elements. Our counselors and especially our Ropes Specialists, understand that Ropes can sometimes be intimidating, which is why they also know how to encourage and assist all of our campers in completing whatever amount of the Ropes Course that they feel comfortable with. For some campers that means just trying out climbing a few feet and for others that means going right up to the top of the swing, but whatever happens, our staff and campers will be right there cheering each camper on!


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