What’s in a Sunset Part One: The Experience

By Samantha Berezowksy, Development and Marketing Assistant for Summer 2013. Samantha is a long-time camper and counselor at GFC. This is part one of a two-part series exploring the sunsets of GFC.

I went to Austin recently and drove into the sunset on the way there. It was beautiful; the sky looked like it was painted with different shades of oranges and purples. It made me miss camp, though. There’s nothing like a sunset over the beit k’nesset on a Friday night during Shabbat services. It’s almost a tradition to stand overlooking Lake Jake with a group of friends and take pictures as the sun sets over the hill. Even though there are sunsets every single day, there’s something extra special on Shabbat that makes you stop and look for more than a few seconds. Each sunset picture is a memory; time stands still and you are able to appreciate a moment with people that mean something special to you.

I started to think about how camp is only a few months away, and I was suddenly overcome with excitement. It’s that time of year where it’s so close you can almost touch it but still far enough away knowing how many days are in between you and the long awaited summer in Bruceville, Texas.

As a camper, I always looked forward to seeing my friends and counselors, and getting to do all of my favorite activities while still trying new ones and learning which ones I didn’t like as much (for me, that was mountain biking… just not my thing). I remember going to the zoo and loving all the animals, and being in the arts and crafts room making things to take home to my parents. My favorite thing to do was look at the stars every night on the way back to the cabin. Too soon, it was time to go home for the year and the bittersweet feeling was always the same. I never wanted to leave but I knew I couldn’t stay. I missed my parents, but after a short visit with them I was ready to go back to camp. 

It’s funny that as a staff member, I still miss the same things. Since I get to be there for the whole summer, I don’t have to wait as long; but since my year is more hectic, it still feels like an eternity. I already have a countdown going in my calendar so I can watch the number of days get lower and lower. I’m so close to being back in my place, my home. I will be able to wake up every day surrounded by people I care about and who understand this unbreakable bond I hold with Greene Family Camp. I will be able to sit and look at the stars every night with my best friends, having heart to hearts drinking Shasta Cola. I will be completely happy, knowing that I am right where I am supposed to be.

So for every sunset that goes down, I am one step closer to being in the place that makes my year complete, that makes my heart complete. I know that this summer will be better than the last, because it always is. I can’t wait to see the sun set over the lake, with the people I love, for the first time of Summer 2013.

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  1. Shira March 7, 2013 at 6:07 pm #

    This is like you are in my head. That is totally how I feel and I am counting down the days ’til I’m back home :)

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