Weekend Update with Loui

It has been one crazy week here at GFC! We have 9 days left in this session and we are still having an amazing and fun time every day. This week the different units had some fantastic experiences!

The biggest thing that happened was Maccabiah! It was amazing to see all the kids come together with their staff and enjoy a couple days of competition!! Even though Kachol (blue) team won, all the teams displayed an enormous amount of sportsmanship. I want to especially thank the eight alufim (team leaders) that helped lead this incredible program.


Bonim B arrived on Thursday and enjoyed a night getting to know their unit and their new counselors. Our youngest campers participated in Earth Night with the whole camp and have future great programs to look forward to. Our annual Bonim-Kibbutz day is Sunday and our oldest campers will be partnered with our youngest to ensure some smiling faces throughout the day!

Niviim has had a hectic week with a variety show on Wednesday where there were some cool talents displayed! One of the most interesting evenings this week was called “A Bug’s Life”. Campers acted like bugs and got to look through wax paper to see things from an insect’s perspective. It was great to see campers having an amazing time with such an innovative program.

Kohanim and Shoftim both enjoyed Stefani (Asst Director) Rozen’s Bat Mitzvah this week! It was a fun occasion for them to dance and hang out with another. Stefani also enjoyed being recognized at their program. They practiced their upcoming participation in this Jewish tradition while enjoying it at camp with their friends.

Melachim and S’ganim enjoyed Girls Night Out on different days while the boys had separate camp outs and then later in the week they enjoyed pool parties. Fun couple of days for them! During Maccabiah, S’ganim campers were leaders for their team and got to enjoy a pizza party the last night for all of their hard work.

Kibbutz went on their annual trip to Schlitterbahn in New Braunfels. They camped out on the river and enjoyed two nights of activities, cooking and bonding as a unit. It was a successful trip for everyone who went and the campers had a blast.

It has been an eventful week here at GFC and we are looking forward to a fun and successful last 9 days of the session.

“See you” next Shabbat!


Loui Dobin

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