Ending Camp On a Good Note

There is only one week of camp left and it is hard to believe how fast this session has come and gone. The campers have experienced some amazing programs and the staff has worked incredibly hard to keep up the momentum that was set on the first day.

This last week is going to be really busy for everyone, but camp will definitely end on a good note for everyone involved. bkdayEach unit is going on a trip night one night this week (except Bonim) and a lot of the other programs are all camp.

Since Bonim does not have a trip night and Kibbutz went on an annual trip already, they enjoyed Bonim Kibbutz Day with each other! Every Kibbutz camper was matched up with a Bonim camper and they got to hang out the whole day. They did arts and crafts, played games, and had a ton of fun!

Wednesday night is Erev Yisrael, Israel Night, where campers learn different things about Israel in an age appropriate way. Every year the program is a little different but always ends in a shuk, which is a street market where kids can try different native foods prepared by our Israeli staff. They can also get their face painted and dance along to Israeli music with their friends until they end the program as a unit. It should be a fun night had by all, and our Israeli staff works hard every session to make it a successful night.

The other all camp program this week is 4th of July. It is always a day filled with red, white, and blue tank tops along with hot dogs and some time at the pool. It is one of my personal favorite camp programs because at night we have the all camp variety show! It is always a night filled with laughter and talent, and one that campers seem to always remember.

Having a fourth Shabbat this year is something new, but I think it is something amazing. It is one last opportunity for GFC to close out the session as a community. It will be amazing to end the session as a whole.

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