Shabbat Update with Loui

We are a week into second session and things are in full swing! We have seen a lot of amazing programs with all the units in camp, even though we had a few days of rain. Everyone has  been having a wonderful time and we can’t believe that it is already the second Shabbat!

Bonim and Niviim have made it to the lake and garden this week along with the first week of chugim activities. Some of the big hits have been boating, soccer, cooking and scouting. The evening programs have been a success and the rain did not hinder any of the fun.  “Bill Nye Night” was an evening when the campers became scientists and participated in making gack and other cool products and projects.  The other big hit was “A Bugs Life” where campers became bugs and experienced things that bugs experience.

Kohanim and Shoftim girls have both had their campouts while the boys enjoyed a night to themselves. Their pool party was rained out but has been rescheduled and will be a blast! Shoftim filmed a music video this week where all the campers were able to participate and sing with one another. Kohanim had a Battle of the Sexes program that included competitions between boys and gicaravanrls.

Melachim and S’ganim girls also had their campouts this week as well as a night “Around the World” where they talked about life in various countries. Melachim also had a program called the “Game of Life” and S’ganim had a “Game Show Night” program. Today, S’ganim went to the Waco Arboretum where they learned about the service project in which they will be participating for the rest of the session.

Kibbutz has started their work groups and their projects. Today they went to the Heritage Homestead village and helped that community while learning about it at the same time. They are a great group of kids and the rest of the session will be a ton of fun.

The biggest special event this week was the Israeli Scout Caravan visit to our camp! The Caravan is a group of teenagers from Israel who travel around North America, perform shows, and teach about Israel. There was an amazing amount of energy from the scouts as well as our staff and campers. It was a night to remember!

We have had quite the week here! There were a few rainy days but through all of that, we have been able to push through and have a great time until the sun started shining once again! We hope you all have a wonderful weekend.

Shabbat Shalom!

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