We Are The Champions

By Reut Medalion, Dance Specialist at GFC and member of our Mishlachat (Israeli Delegation). Reut won second prize in our staff essay contest . This essay has been translated from Hebrew by Professor Yehuda Bar Shalom. Reut’s essay is in response to the Ted Talk by Rita Pierson: Every Kid Needs a Champion.

I believe that each one of us is a champion.  If we will develop our unique strengths and abilities, we will feel that indeed we are champions. 

For some kids it is difficult to realize that they are champions.  These are the kids with learning disabilities, with physical challenges, kids who come from discouraging family environments, kids who only encountered failure and frustration.  It would take much longer for them to believe that they are also champions.  They usually will not try, since they failed so many times before.  Why try now?

In our camp we have kids who have always succeeded, kids who always failed, kids who never felt the need to excel and kids who no one expects from them to excel.  As staff members at camp, we must strive to discover in each child the treasure that is hidden within.  The child must acknowledge his strengths and push for excellence. 

I truly believe in Rita Pierson’s attitude of excellence via personal contact and personal example.  If we establish a genuine contact with the child, he trusts us, then we may be able to make him believe in himself.  Without the establishment of this trust, the camper child will never listen to us.

Personal example is very important.  If a camper sees a staff member pushing herself to excel, he may also push himself to excellence.  If we bring the best from within ourselves, we can truly change the child’s attitude.

As a dance specialist, I believe that art can increase are sense of confidence and can improve our inner feelings.  There are no rigid rules in dance, and dancers can express themselves in multiple ways.  I think that this can be transmitted to children: With dance you can do everything.  Nobody will judge them.  That way, they can find their own and unique excellence.

My wish is to have at least one camper believe and realize that his is his own champion in his unique way.  I hope that every camper will find his place and unique abilities, believing that he can excel in something.

Wishing for a fun and special summer for all of us

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