Where in the World is Loui Dobin? Part 1

By Loui Dobin, Director of Greene Family Camp. Each year Loui travels the world as part of his job. This is part one of a multiple part series that will explore what Loui does and more importantly where Loui goes as part of his job.

Director’s Log: 7th of Cheshvan, 5774 

Stefani, Ana, Scott and I are asked all the time “what do you do between summers?” I thought it might be fun to take you along on a trip with me over the next few weeks.

This trip actually began a little over a week ago. We traveled to the Kutz camp in Warwick, New York for the annual URJ Youth division staff meeting. This year the entire staff of the URJ joined all of us camp and NFTY personnel. When the meeting ended, I flew to McAllen to spend Shabbat with Rabbi Kogan and all of our GFC families. I songled for services and had a wonderful stay.

Over the next thirteen days I will be in at least six different cities doing various pieces if my job. First stop, Atlanta for the “Olim Kallah”. The Olim Fellowship is a staff development opportunity for first year staff that applies for the program and agrees to a two-year commitment to work at GFC. After a day in Atlanta, Friday we will travel to the URJ Camp Coleman for the rest of the weekend event.

On Sunday night, I will fly to Israel with Paul Reichenbach, Director of Camping and Israel Programs for the URJ. From Monday through Friday I will be meeting with a lot of our Israeli staff who will be returning next summer. Bobby Harris, Director of URJ Camp Coleman will be joining me and we will also be meeting with our NFTY in Israel staff about camp trips like Garin Greene. The Jewish Agency for Israel, the organization in Israel who helps find and train summer Israeli staff members, will be meeting with us as well about next summer’s Israel staff.

Arriving back in the States next Saturday, I’ll fly immediately to Dallas where I will participate in a panel on the future of Youth Programming in our region, sponsored by the brotherhood of Temple Emanuel of Dallas. On Sunday, I fly to San Diego for a three-day production meeting for the upcoming URJ Biennial.

That’s not where it all ends – I have a meeting in New England with the Grinspoon Foundation a week after I get home. Then of course the Camp Retreat Weekend (Register Now!). 

So that is a sample of what I do between summers. Join me on my journey. I will be tweeting and posting to Facebook. Follow the blog as it gets posted every couple of days. You too can play the GFC version of “Where in the World is Loui Dobin”


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