The Magic of Camp In The Fall

By Cory Matheny, mother of two campers, Truman and Carter, and Camp Ambassador. Cory and Truman share  why the GFC Camp Retreat is important to them.

A summer at Greene Family Camp is a magical experience.  So when the summer is over and school seems to be in full swing, my kids often look back over their GFC yearbooks, listen to their camp CDs and talk about what they miss about camp.  It seems just about the time that last year’s summer seems a memory and next summer seems too far away, they have the opportunity to jump right back into the magic of camp with the GFC 3rd-6th Grade Retreat. 

My kids love camp for so many reasons.  The freedom to express themselves through song and dance, the challenge of overcoming their fears on the zip line or alpine tower, the friendship of their cabin mates, and of course, the feeling of being connected to their Jewish identity.  Truman, my thirteen year old son has spent five summers at camp and describes it as his favorite place on earth.  He reminds me that every opportunity he has to be at camp, he needs to be there.  He marks the calendar for the retreats at camp during the year so he can feel like he is bringing a piece of camp into his daily routine. 

Camp retreats are perfect for a quick catch up with old friends, but it is also a way to see what camp is all about for children who haven’t been yet.  Truman often comes home from camp retreats sharing stories of how he helped a kid who hadn’t been before navigate their way around campus or learn how to bus the tables GFC style.   Learning new games and jokes is always a highlight when kids test out a weekend before they decide they want to spend their summer at camp.  Of course the desire for summer to get here quickly grows after a weekend at camp.   The GFC Camp Retreat is a great way to bring the magic of Greene Family Camp into our busy school year. 

From Truman:

I love GFC Camp Retreats because right when you start missing camp, GFC plans a weekend retreat.  You get to go back and see all of your camp friends.  They are able to fit so much fun into two days of GFC and it is always the most fun.  You are able to get back and listen to the camp songs, hopefully do the zip line and alpine tower, and just be yourself.  You usually get to see some of your favorite counselors as well.  That’s what I love about the GFC Retreats. 

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