The Magic of Camp at Friday Night Services

By Hilary Kamin, former campers and staff member at GFC and currently is the Director of Education at Houston Congregation for Reform Judaism(HCRJ). HCRJ will welcome GFC Director Loui Dobin for a camp Shabbat this Friday evening.

As our congregation’s excitement grows about the upcoming GFC Shabbat that will take place within the walls of HCRJ, I started to think about what I want others to experience about Shabbat at camp.

To this day, the smell of shaving cream takes me right back to Shabbat at Greene. Shaving cream, I know it sounds a little strange, but to me it was the smell of Shabbat in the air.  Sitting on the floor of my cabin with my bunkmates and our towels and shaving cream and cups of water, shaving our legs, maybe some of us for the first time, and getting ready for that special day of the week.

Getting dressed in white, taking the stroll through the cabins, snapping pictures with friends, and singing melodies that I will never forget… these are all things that can be shared with our communities at home.

This Shabbat we join together in many of those same traditions. We encourage all who attend to wear white. We will join together just before services begin to take a Shabbat Stroll and blast the shofar. We will pray as a community with the melodies that are best shared on the acoustic guitar. We will take off our shoes and join together in Israeli dancing. We will make memories.

HCRL may not be able to recreate the sunset over the lake, but we will be sure to have pictures on our screens to share its beauty with you all!

The entire Houston community is welcome to join HCRJ as Rabbi Gross and Loui Dobin lead us in worship. Services begin at 7:15 pm and an oneg reception will follow. HCRJ is located at 801 Bering Drive, Houston, 77057. For more information please contact me at .

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