We Are Ready to Communicate!

Samantha Berezowsky is a long time camper and staff member and will be returning as the Marketing and Development Assistant for the second year in a row.

Well, I’m back! This will be my second year as the Marketing and Development Assistant for GFC. I am excited to be back again and to officially say that I am a college graduate from the University of Houston (go coogs!).

This summer our communications plan is being revamped a little. We hope to bring you more photos, more blogs, and a lot more communication via social media! We are also using a completely new photo and email system called Camp Minder which is replacing Bunk1. We are so excited about this new system and hope you are too. A user guide is available on our website under our Forms and Downloads section; or here if you want to get there quicker.1044850_10201131595002365_1767045606_n

We plan to upload photos on Camp Minder everyday by 10am for the previous day. There will be no upload on Saturday’s because of Shabbat; but we will still be using our other forms of social media. There will be a blog 3 times a week on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. The blogs will include interest pieces and general information about what is going on at camp.

Our Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram will all be updated every day. We will have daily unit tweets (complete with their own hashtags), daily photos, and general information about what is going on around camp. You do not need a twitter account to see what we are up to! If you go to our blog you can see a running twitter feed on the side of the page. We also have a Flickr and a Vimeo account that will also be used periodically.

Here is a list of all of our usernames:

Facebook- URJ Greene Family Camp

Twitter- @URJGFC

Instagram- URJGFC

Vimeo- URJ Greene Family Camp

Flickr- URJ Greene Family Camp


Please feel free to email me with any communication questions at sberezowsky@urj.org that you may have over the summer! I look forward to providing all of you with all your communication needs!

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