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As most of you know, last year at GFC we implemented a new technology policy. The main points were that campers were no longer allowed to have anything with a touch screen, anything that can access internet, and Game Boys. The full policy can be found here.

We want campers to ‘un-plug’ from the outside world and enjoy the time they have at GFC. This includes time in the cabin. Each cabin will have age appropriate game bags with different card and board games that can be played as a group instead of a camper being isolated by an electronic on their bed.

We encourage parents to send books, simple digital cameras, and simple MP3 players that do not have a touch screen. We not only have this policy for our campers but our staff is expected to follow these rules as well. Their cell phones may be used as an alarm but is then expected to stay in the cabin all day and only used on their free time. We want staff to be engaged with the campers the same way we want campers to be engaged with camp.

We have created a BuzzFeed style article to outline the policy and make it easy to read. Enjoy!

1. To get kids to spend time with one another instead of a screen!

DSC_0109 (Custom)







2. It allows them to ‘plug-in’ to the outdoors!








3.  We want campers to have fun while they’re here and not worry about anything happening at home!








4. We don’t want any technology with a screen on it. We promise that you’ll enjoy the view in Bruceville more than a picture on a phone!








5. Nothing that can access Internet!











6. GFC loves music and we encourage you to bring basic MP3 players so you can enjoy it too!











7. Digital cameras are encouraged… you will want the memories!

child using camera









8. Game Boys are so 90’s!









9. No cell phones please!

no cell phones








10. Please follow the rules!









We can’t wait to see everyone soon for the summer of 2014!!

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