Traveler’s Prayer

Tonight for the last night of camp we have a closing ceremony led by camp Rabbi, Ana Bonnheim. We hope that all of our campers have had a wonderful session and we can’t wait to see them next year!

Yehi ratzon milfanecha Adonai – May it be Your will Adonai our God and God of our ancestors, that you lead us on our next journeys in peace….

Bless these campers,

Be with them this last night with their friends and counselors, when morning seems so far away but the time still feels so short together.

Be with them as they see their parents and families again… and try to explain the magic of camp… knowing that words cannot do the experience justice.

Help them to be patient with themselves – when the foods and long showers feel so luxurious – but the home seems almost too quiet and lonely.

Help them to stay in touch with their friends, knowing that not spending 24 hours a day together is a huge adjustm1932691_10152316265791522_339170719_oent and feels kind of empty.

Remind them that they are connected to wonderful people and the Jewish community around globe – throughout Texas and Oklahoma, the US and even in Israel.

Light their path on darkened nights, when the city lights drown out the stars, and help them find the peace of the big camp sky and quiet air.

Comfort them when life feels hard and stressful and camp feels far away and next summer feels a lifetime from now.

Adonai Yishmar Tzaytecha u-vo-echa may-atah va’ad Olam

May the Eternal One guard your journeys this year and always.

Baruch Atah Adonai Shomer Ha-chanichim haeleh.  Blessed are you Adonai, who protects these campers on their journeys. Amen.

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