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28 Questions To Ask On The Way Home

With less than one week left until pick-up (unfortunately), we’ve come up with a list of questions that you can ask your child/children on the way home from camp. Check out what questions we’d ask and share any that we may have forgotten!

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Rainy Day Activities

We’ve lucked out that we’ve had sunny days recently! Our first few weeks of camp were a little rainy. We wanted to share some of our favorite rainy day activity ideas with you all so that you can take them home during the year!

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Avodah 1979

Avodah Then and Now

By Rabbi Matthew Kraus, Faculty One score and seventeen years ago, Rabbi Ron Klotz gathered together a group of second year anaf campers eager to return to GUCI the next summer as C.I.T.s (Counselors in Training, now called Machonikim) to tell us about the initiation of a new program called Avodah (Work).  Instead of becoming counselors, if we wanted to return the next summer, we would have to pay $200.00 to study Judaism and provide the maintenance, kitchen, office and infirmary staff for GUCI.  I was so desperate to be at camp that I signed up.  This leads me to […]

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Worker Bees Of GUCI’s Hive, Avodah 2-0-1-5

Our Avodahnikim plunge toilets, run the kitchen, are counselors in our day camp and assist in the office. Our camp would be nothing without them and the program wouldn’t be what it is today if our Avodahnikim didn’t learn or grow from the program. Noa and Corrine share their experience in the Avodah program.

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Kallah Bet Trip Week!

The last three days, 9349 Moore Road hasn’t been as loud or as filled with campers as the past couple weeks of the session, but that doesn’t mean it wasn’t filled with ruach! Every unit on camp had the opportunity to go on a trip ranging from a day off camp to a 3 day camping trip. Unit trips are always the perfect time for campers to bond and get to know others. We’ve provided a recap of what our units did on their trips below and included some photos so you can catch a glimpse of the excitement!

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GUCI Alphabet

G.U.C.I. means so much to all our campers, staff, alumni and ffaculty! With the help from others, I’ve created the G.U.C.I. ABC’s, which is comprised of words that descibe our camp, are places on this camp, or ways we feel about G.U.C.I.

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