A Note From GUCI

A Note From GUCI

September 17, 2015 Dear GUCI Friends and Family: I am writing today to share with you that after a brilliant 37-year career, Susan Dill has decided to retire!  Susan, otherwise known as “The Golden Voice of GUCI”, has been an essential part of GUCI’s leadership team since 1978.  She has been the welcoming voice in the office and on the other end of the phone to thousands of families, lay leaders, Jewish professionals, staff members and alumni.  She served as partner and confidant to three Camp Directors, ensuring that camp’s program developed and ran smoothly, its facility and vendor matters […]

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Why Camp Matters

By Rabbi Rachel Maimin, Faculty I still remember it as if it were yesterday. It is the end of my first week at Kutz Camp. We have thoroughly cleaned our cabin, Hill 1. We have gotten ourselves ready for Shabbat – 20 girls sharing one bathroom, hair dryers and straightening irons fighting for outlet space.   We step out of our cabin, waiting just outside. We hear the sound of music floating down the hill, guitars and the voices of songleaders, of counselors, and of fellow campers fill the air. Closer and closer the beautiful sound draws, until finally it […]

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Rabbi Chessin

Minion-Minyan Mania: Count Me In

 By Rabbi Judy Chessin, Faculty Let’s talk minion. OK? Now the question is are we speaking Minion or Minyan? How do you say Hello in Minion? Bello. In Minyan? Shalom Goodbye: Minion Poopaye… Minyan: Shalom Of course we all know the Shema in Minyan, Shema Yisrael Adonai Eloheinu Adonai Ehad. In minionese it goes: Bebada Abam ta cep noor nos ta cep hana I guess you could say that although the words Minion and Minyan sound just the same, in many ways they are almost polar opposites: In Despicable Me the term Minion comes from the French word mignon, for […]

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Kallah Bet Closing Day Procedures

Check out our Kallah Bet closing day procedures!

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Thank You GUCI

As we head into Shabbat we think about all that camp has provided and what an amazing summer we have had. Read our Shabbat letter from Director, Jeremy Klotz.

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Why It’s Important For Rabbis To Spend Time At Camp

By Rabbi Meredith Kahan, Faculty We at Rockdale Temple in Cincinnati were so proud to send an amazing group of campers and counselors to GUCI this summer. Our crew included brand new campers and veterans of the program, young adults working as counselors, and even the Head Songleader and Director of Communications! It was an amazing summer for all our Rockdale GUCI-ites, especially for the other campers in the group – Rockdale’s rabbis! In addition to Rabbi Sissy Coran, our Senior Rabbi who is currently serving on faculty, I had the privilege of spending two weeks at GUCI with all […]

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