Day 100

by Petra R., Spring 2013 Student

In the trenches at the site of the battle at ammunition hill from the 6 day war

In the trenches at the site of the battle at ammunition hill from the 6 day war

These past weeks since we got back from Poland we have been learning more about modern Israel conflicts in Jewish History. It’s really interesting to learn about the problems and conflicts that I never understood before. One of the aspects that makes EIE so special is that I’m learning about the 6 day war from my teacher, who was a soldier in the war. He has first hand experience from combat, to the effects the war had on the Israeli population. Class has become a very intimate experience as well because he is really telling us his life story and how it personally affected him.

Today we also had an Israeli film festival/movie day, which I found really interesting. One of the Jewish History teacher’s mother, who is a professional movie commentator, came an led a talk where she would introduce a few clips from a movie and explain how it reflects Israeli culture. We watched clips from a few different movies, including a book that was made into a movie called “Someone to run with”, that I am now reading and highly recommend! Then we watched “Late Summer Blues”, a movie that follows the lives of a few Israeli teens. It starts with them finishing up their senior year and their summer before they are drafted into the army, and ends with them all going to their different units. I thought it was a really realistic depiction of what all Israeli teens go through and anyone that wants to get a glimpse of what it is like growing up in Israel should watch it.

One of the most important things I’ve learned while in Israel was not taught in a classroom. Other than learning how to be independent and responsible, I know that I have gained a much better understanding of Israel and Israelis. From staying with friends in Jerusalem, to interacting with Israelis including kibbutznicks and my teachers, I have come to conclusions about so many things. I feel like in order for me to create my life story, its important to understand and learn how other people’s stories may lead a different path than my own. Because of this I have such a new found appreciation of how blessed I was growing up and continue to be.

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