As this journey comes to an end

by Sarah L., NFTY-EIE Summer 2013 Student

Sarah Langerman 2Although this trip is not over, I feel like I have already gotten so much out of this program. I would have never imagined that I would learn so much about the history of our people especially in this short amount of time. I have learned and continue to learn about the past of Israel that I did not even know existed and I feel more connected to my roots than I ever thought I would be.

Going into this program I honestly had no idea what to expect. All I knew was that there were eighteen students and that we all signed up to study in Israel over our summer breaks. I did not know any of the people besides a brief amount of Facebook stalking, and I was scared to discover what my fate was going to be when I walked into JFK airport in late June. I am glad to say that these people who used to be profile pictures in my head are now my family. We swam in the Dead Sea, snorkeled in the red sea, rafted along the Jordan River, and hiked up Mount Masada together. We have all been connected at the hip since we arrived in Israel and it now saddens me to think that we need to say goodbye in a little bit over a week.

Even though I am speaking for myself I am pretty sure everyone here can agree with me that this is honestly a trip of a lifetime and something that I will remember forever. I have never been more proud to be Jewish and I know that I will be making my way back to this beautiful land.

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