S’now Joke!

by David Solomon, Assistant Principal


This past week started off as a “quiet” week, with no field trips scheduled. In our Jewish History classes we have been looking at the modern period, with our examination of the first Intifada, the Lebanon War and the modern Israeli political parties and dilemmas. In the context of our study of the political system, on Wednesday we had a mock Knesset (Parliament) in which the students presented the views of the major parties and then all voted. The EIE Knesset elections were won by “Yesh Atid” (There is a Future), a newcomer to the Israeli political scene which was very successful in the last Knesset elections.


The big surprise of the week started on early Thursday morning, with the arrival of the biggest December storm since 1879! The forecasters, as late as the night before, had predicted the “possibility” of snow, without being sure whether it would build up or not.

Well, build up it did! Jerusalem, and the surrounding kibbutzim, etc. were cut off and electricity was lost to some 30 000 homes. The students were great and held their own Kabbalat Shabbat, Shabbat morning and Havdallah services. They used the snow days to watch movies, catch up on work and also to rest.


Only this evening was the road to Tzuba reopened. The storm caused some damage to homes on the kibbutz and also to our office. A lot of trees were stripped of branches and we are still not certain when electricity will be restored, but we are going to make every effort to return to a normal routine as soon as possible. Of course the students remained in excellent spirits in the midst of a winter wonderland.


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