The Spring Parents’ Pilgrimage

SP14-PP-2 cropThe NFTY-EIE Spring 2014 semester is almost half way over! The campus has been abuzz since Tuesday with the visiting Parents’ Pilgrimage. We had more than 70 family members join us in Israel over the course of the past 10 days to take a peek into the world of EIE. And our students were eager to play tour guide.

We put together a special program for these families to get them acquainted them with some of the experiences, places and people that have a tremendous impact on their children throughout the semester. Families accompanied the students on a number of Tiyulim (field trips). This gave parents the chance to experience firsthand the integration of classroom and onsite learning that makes NFTY-EIE such a success. We traveled to Tzfat, toured the Israel Museum and even celebrated Purim in Tel Aviv!

SP14-PP-1 cropIt was really a wonderful opportunity for family members to enjoy meaningful time with their student, meet the EIE teachers and staff, and celebrate Shabbat in Israel. One parent commented, “We enjoyed meeting so many of the parents, learning more about our children’s lives in Israel and a well thought out trip by the amazing NFTY EIE staff. Will miss my daughter so much but take comfort in knowing so much more about her life in Israel.”

Once the parents headed home, we began preparations for our trip to Poland. Our students are experiencing a deeply moving and meaningful week coming to appreciate more than a thousand years of Jewish life and culture, and its virtual destruction in the Holocaust. We have already spent time in Warsaw, Tikochin and Lublin. Tonight, we are headed to Krakow where we will visit Auschwitz-Birkenau, Oswiecim Synagogue and even the Krakow JCC.

The students have already learned so much during their time here, and the next two months will continue to challenge them and build their Jewish identity. Please continue to follow along as these students move into the second half of their journey. You can flip through pictures on our facebook page, read about their adventures on our blog and find out more about the program on our website. If you have any questions, you can always reach out to us at or 212-605-4095.

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