Finding Love at Jacobs Camp

 By Robin Zebrowitz Harpak

I didn’t grow up at camp.  But when I tell you it was love at first sight, I mean it in every way possible.  In 2003, the summer before my senior year at Brandeis University, I was looking for a summer job, something different from the swim coaching I had done in previous summers. I found myself at Jacobs Camp putting those swimming skills to use as the Waterfront Director. Just before staff orientation I arrived at camp to prep the pool.  Likewise, the Israeli staff arrived before orientation, allowing them an opportunity to adjust to our time zone and get settled in the U.S.  Dotan was coming to camp for his second summer on staff – he had been there the previous summer, loved it, and decided to return for a second. As a returning shaliach, he was showing the new Israeli staff members around the grounds. There I am at the pool, in my bikini, when they walk up and introduce themselves. Dotan thought I was cute, and I thought he was adorable in his “A Hard Day’s Night” Beatles t-shirt.  An avid Beatles fan, I complimented him on the shirt.  It was downhill (uphill!) from there. Cheesy, but true. 

Fast forward five years…  In the years in between, we both returned to camp whenever possible, as visitors and as staff; I serve on the Camp Committee, and Dotan staffed a NFTY trip in Israel, and worked as a Jewish Agency shaliach to the URJ Youth Division. We spent all of those years together as a couple, but only three of them physically in the same place. In 2008, I moved to Israel with Dotan.  Five months after that, Dotan got down on one knee, asked me to marry him, and gave me a ring that is engraved “Utica, MS 2003”, the magical time and place we met.  Who would have thought that I’d find my partner, best friend, and greatest love in Utica, Mississippi at a Jewish overnight camp?!

Camp is a huge, important part of our lives, so we knew our wedding day would be infused with camp in every way possible.  Rabbi Valerie Cohen, our dear friend from camp and the camp director’s wife, officiated at our wedding. Abram Orlansky, one of our closest camp friends, was a witness to sign our ketubah. And, one of our favorite centerpieces from our wedding was our chuppah – designed by an artist we know from camp, commissioned by the camp director, Jonathan Cohen, and painted with the colorful image of the camp chapel (which, coincidentally, Dotan helped build with his campers one summer after the previous chapel had been destroyed in a storm). The chuppah is now displayed on a wall in camp waiting for future camp couples to get married beneath it.  We also requested people make donations to camp on our behalf in honor of our wedding.  

We love Jacobs Camp in ways written words can’t properly express, and love pointing out all the ways we found to include it in our special day and in our lives in general.   Today, nine years since we met at camp, it has shaped who we are as a couple, our professional lives, how we volunteer our time, the friends in our lives, and our future.  


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  1. Shara Danziger February 24, 2012 at 2:36 pm #

    Love this story…very similar to mine! My husband, David, was the assistant director of Jacobs in 1993 when he hired me to be Unit Head. We got together 6 days after I arrived at Camp and we have been together ever since…now married for just about 17 years. Our three children are now Jacobs Camp campers and spend the year waiting to drive back through those gates!

  2. Ann Lois Ballon March 29, 2013 at 1:35 pm #

    Jacobs is not the only URJ camp that has made a difference. My husband Jeff (then rabbinic student) and I met June 28th, engaged July 11th and were married September 17th all in 1967!
    I had been told by the then director Sy Brief when I interviewed that a social life I would not have. So glad we proved him wrong and we were married for 44 beautiful years.

    Eisner brings back so many memories and It was wonderful to be at Jacobs when Jeff was on the staff as a Rabbi.

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