They Still Remembered Each Other

by Jay Jalenak

I wanted to write and express my gratitude for a great NFTY- SO JYG weekend, as well as the friendships my kids have developed in Jacobs Camp.  I wanted to share some pictures and a quick story from the weekend.

My daughter, Nina, attended Olim in 2007.  She had a terrific ten days of camp.  I remember she was upset to leave.  Unfortunately, the first good friend she made in Olim—Madeline Levingston from Clarksdale, MS—never returned to camp.  Of course, Nina has made many other new friends at camp over the years; but, these eight yearolds did not have email or Facebook, Nina never kept in touch with Madeline.

Fast forward to 2013 . . .  Nina was excited to see that Madeline (now Maddie) was going to be at  the NFTY-SO JYG Kallah.  Of course, we questioned whether Maddie would even remember Nina after just one Olim session almost six years ago. They quickly became friends once again!

Thanks for all you do.






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