What’s the Buzz About Macca-bee-ah 2013?

By Sarah Braslow, Summer Marketing Intern and Bet the Buzzing Bee, guest blogger


Jacobs Camp had a special visitor at this year’s Maccabiah competition. The HSJ Bumblebee took a little vacation down to Utica, MS to see all of the fun that Session One was having during their Color War. This busy bee buzzed around Jacobs for the past few days, cheering on the campers and taking in all the exciting Maccabiah events. He loved Maccabiah so much, that he decided to write a blog about his experience for us! Here it is:

Yesterday morning, I flew into the dining hall just after morning song session. I had some pretty great timing because right after I arrived, four characters from Disney/Pixar movies came sprinting into the room to announce that Maccabiah 2013 had begun!

The two head judges, Buzz Lightyear and Woody from Toy Story, announced this year’s teams. Nemo (Yellow), Mike Wazowski (Green), Wreck-it-Ralph (Red), and Remy from Ratatouille (Blue) were the team captains. They all had their game faces on. It was obvious that they were ready to compete!

Then everyone went back to their cabins to change into their team colors. Sadly, I can’t really help that I am yellow and black striped…but all of the team captains gave me a colored ribbon so I could cheer on every team! There are some really nice people down at HSJ.

I flew around to watch every competition. This was my first time at Maccabiah, and I did not want to miss anything. You would not bee-lieve how much fun it is! There are Wacky Sports like yellowball and flicker-hoops, pool activities like water polo and synchronized swimming, and the Judaic Quiz Bowl! It was great to learn about my heritage! You know Judah Macca-“Bee” was my great grandfather after all.

Just when I thought things could not get any better, I learned about the Hagigah competition where each team show off their artistic abilities. The performances were absolutely bee-utiful.

The next morning it was Der-bee time!  There were relay races everywhere:  biking, running, ping pong on a spoon, crab walk, three legged race, sack race and something call dizzy bat!  I got dizzy just walking all of the little humans having fun in the sun.  You got to check out my dance moves in the video!

I heard the song, “Imma a Bee” by the Black Eyes Peas playing in the pool.  Since that is my favorite song, I zipped over to Pool Zion to cool off and groove to the funky beeeat.  EVERYBODY was there!  They were all lined up to see the winner of Maccabiah 2013 announced. The team captains lined up on the side of the pool to hear the results. I got there just in time and almost got knocked in the pool- I was mistaken for team Tzahov!!!  YELLOW- my favorite color.

Everyone cheered and screamed for the winner! Then the whole camp chanted in unison: “J-A-C-O-BEE-S Jacobs is our name!”

I loved visiting HSJ and can’t wait to buzz back by again!

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