The Day I was the Camp Director

by Emma Barron

Over the years I’ve watched the oldest campers run around behind different staff members and get to be them for a day.  From getting to lead song session with the song leader to following the photographer around taking pictures of campers, I have always looked forward to this activity. As a member of Chalutzim 2013, this was finally my year.

Emma Barron Blog picture

J.C., me and Andrew (Bridges didn’t make the picture!)

The night before “Take a Chalutz to Work Day” we had our staff orientation and our staff mentor was revealed to us.  I watched my friends surprised faces as they were greeted, hugged or even lifted in the air by their staff members.  I nervously waited to see who I would get!  Andrew Rogers were nearly the last two names called, and we knew it we were greeted by J.C.  He handed us each a HSJ Camp Director shirt and told us to meet him in front of his house at 7:30 AM.

The next day we were up bright and early ready for the day with J.C.  I knew it was going to be a funny and interesting adventure.  J.C. cracked jokes as he explained what he does at camp and how camp runs.  During breakfast, we really got to see what Jacobs Camp looks like through the director’s eyes.  He pointed out counselors who were wide awake and talking and those who looked tired.  We noticed the food was moving slowly.   After breakfast, we went to the kitchen and counseled the staff to make sure service was faster. (It worked, lunch was spot on!)

We attended multiple meetings with various staff including the marketing department, assistant camp director, and unit heads.  J.C. shared with us about the cost of running HSJ and improvements being made like the water system for next summer.  It really showed me all the hard work it takes to keep HSJ running and a special place for each camper.

As the day came to an end, I looked back on everything that happened.  I was sad it was almost over.  J.C. took Andrew and me to Utica for ice cream to share our thoughts with him.  I am now more excited than ever to return on staff in two years!  I am so glad I had this experience as the Camp Director, even just for a day.  I will be a better staff member for it as I know J.C. watches over his staff and cares deeply for the children of Jacobs Camp.

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