My Interview with a Maskilimer

By Ellen Alexander

I took a moment to interview Reed Leonard this afternoon.  Reed is a Jackson native and a great friend of mine.  I am so excited he loves camp! He is a Maskilimer and a third year camper.   As you prepare your camper for tomorrow, take a moment and have a conversation about his or her thoughts about HSJ.  You may be surprised with the information you will learn.

Ellen:  Tonight is the night before camp, tell me what you are most excited about?

Reed:  I can’t wait to see my friends that I don’t get to see during the year and catching up.  We can’t wait to make our summer plans.

Ellen:  Have you kept in touch with your camp friends over the year?  photo 1

Reed:  Yes!  We email, Skpe, and even write letters- all year especially the weeks leading up to camp.

Ellen:  What activities are you most looking forward to?

Reed:  I can’t wait to go swimming and spending time with my counselors and out of state buds.  Messy night-is awesome because it’s fun to get dirty.  Bunk night with my cabin mates is THE best.

Ellen:  I hear it’s your second year in Adventure, what can you tell me about that?

Reed:  I have always had a fear of climbing the Tower, my goal this year to climb to the top.  I love the nature walks gives me a different view of the grounds.  Jacobs Camp is a huge place.

Ellen:  What can you tell me about Judaism at HSJ?

Reed:  It’s my place to expand my Jewish connections.  It’s awesome to be around other Jewish kids and adults.

Ellen:  Will you miss your family?

Reed:  I will miss my family at home, but I have a BIG second family at HSJ.  I know that I will be fine.

Ellen:  What advice would you give to someone coming to camp for the first time?

Reed:  Don’t be afraid of other people.  Go outside and have fun, make new friends.  Camp is a home away from home. You are associated with people who care for you and will help you.  Basically, if you fall they are there to pick you up.

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