Why Kutz?- Natali Kendal-Freedman

Name: Natali Kendal-Freedman Hometown: Sammamish, WA What you’re doing now: High School Freshman This summer I’ll be a… Participant Region: NFTY-NW Why are you coming to camp? I am coming to Kutz to live in the moment, make new friends, and have fun!! I’m excited to learn Hebrew because I love languages and I hope I will get to go to Israel “soonish!” Also, even though it’s not why I’m coming to camp, I’m really looking forward to visiting the City since I’ve never been before! What do you hope to take back to enrich your home community? I’m excited […]

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Why Kutz?- Matt Wall

Name: Matt Wall Hometown: Scottsdale, AZ Current City: Tucson, AZ What you’re doing now: Sophomore, University of Arizona This summer I’ll be a… Resident Advisor Region: NFTY-SW Why are you coming to camp? Over the past five summers (two as a participant and three as a staff member), I have had the privilege of making countless friends, growing into a leader, and connecting with my Judaism. Being a Resident Advisor is one of the coolest experiences simply because you have the chance to watch all of the teens grow. From the first day of nerves and uncertainty, to crying and […]

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Why Kutz? – Robert Feder

Name: Robert Feder Hometown: Miami, Florida What you’re doing now: High School Sophomore This summer I’ll be a… Participant Region: NFTY-STR Why are you coming to camp? Last year was my first year at Kutz and certainly not my last. I went to camp barely knowing anybody, and I left with a family, a family that is made up of about 200 leaders in the Reform Jewish movement. Kutz is such an empowering experience, and I can’t wait to attend this year to create even more lifelong memories, build more friendships, and to continue to grow as a person and as […]

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Why Kutz? – Deanna Netzer

Name: Deanna Netzer Hometown: Tampa, FL What you’re doing now: High School Sophomore This summer I’ll be a… Participant Region: NFTY-STR Why are you coming to camp?  Ever since my brother attended URJ Kutz Camp in 2010 and 2011, I knew that someday I would want to go too. Last summer I walked into Kutz as a participant, instead of just dropping my brother off. As all of the staff members said “Welcome home!” I knew my magical summer had officially began. Last summer was the best of my life – I bonded with the most extraordinary people in the world, learned a […]

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Why Kutz – Rachel Friedman

Name: Rachel Friedman Hometown: Ardsley, NY Current City: Tampa, FL Region: NFTY-NAR What You’re Doing Now: Sophomore, University of Tampa What You’re Doing this Summer: Resident Advisor Why Are You Coming Back to Camp? Five years ago, 15-year-old Rachel was a participant at the URJ Kutz Camp. That summer challenged me, inspired me and motivated me to want to do more within my Jewish community. I became an active leader in my community through my TYG, developing even more and eventually took the skills I learned to college. I participated in a three day long intensive program focused on transitioning high school leaders to becoming leaders in college […]

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Why Kutz? – Marissa Klass

Name: Marissa Klass Region: NFTY-GER Hometown: Morganville, NJ What you’re doing now: Freshman, Marlboro High School Why are you coming to camp? I picked Kutz as my summer home, because there wasn’t anywhere else I’d rather be. Frankly, I don’t remember what single thought, or experience in NFTY made me say, “Maybe I should think about attending Kutz for the summer?” No, it was an instinct, a natural thought to spend my summer at a place I was already comfortable with, and loved dearly. I would always reminisce of the big beautiful lake and the adorable TC cabins that made me feel warm inside. […]

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Why Kutz? – Jenna Wyatt

Why Kutz? – Jenna Wyatt

Name: Jenna Wyatt Hometown: Red Bank, NJ Current City: Hempstead, NY Region: NFTY-GER What You’re Doing Now: Sophomore, Hofstra University – Labor Studies What You’re Doing this Summer: Program Assistant Why Are You Coming Back to Camp? The URJ Kutz Camp was a cornerstone in my growth and development as not only a Jew, but also as a leader. I first came through the gates at 46 Bowen Road for my first NFTY event, NFTY-GER New Member Kallah, in 2010. Following that experience, I returned to the URJ Kutz Camp for future regional events and I was also a participant in the Regional Board Track as […]

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Finding My Voice and Connecting with God

Originally posted on By Josh Nelson I could see her sitting against the wall. She was different from the other kids, withdrawn and separated from the group. My grandmother would have called her “a bit of an odd duck.” She was just… other. The kids leapt into the air, singing at the top of their lungs. “Ivdu et haShem b’simcha…” (Worship God with gladness) Arms intertwined, they called out with joy, lost in the extraordinary moment that is a Friday evening song session. They didn’t seem to notice her. This wasn’t born of malicious intent, but simply the result […]

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