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From Inside the Welcome Center

By Rachel Shapiro, Welcome Center Manager. — Shalom! My name is Rachel Shapiro and when not having a blast at camp, I’m a rising fourth year chemical engineering student at Northeastern University. This summer, I’m the Welcome Center Manager at Kutz. I’m the person you will most likely speak with when you call camp. I work with three avodahnikim, and we are the first people you see when you walk onto camp. We answer your emails, return your phone calls, and sort packages that our participants receive. We are the go-to people for visiting faculty, for esteemed guests, and for […]

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The Minhash

Every day of the Kutz session, Resident Advisors publish what we call The Minhash. The Minhash, short for Min Hashamayim (From the Heavens), is a newsletter distributed during lunch that gives daily updates and fun facts. Here is a copy of the first Minhash of the summer for your enjoyment!

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Parshat Chukat and Civil Rights: D’var Torah given by NFTY President

NFTY President Jeremy Cronig beautifully delivered this D’var Torah during Saturday morning Shabbat services in front of the Kutz community. — Shabbat Shalom, In this portion we see a distinct difference in two very important deaths of two of our greatest leaders: Miriam and Aaron. In chapter 20 of Chukat, it states “Miriam died, and was buried there”. Thats it! “Miriam died, and was buried there”. Aaron dies later in the chapter and he gets the full treatment. They carry him up a mountain, discuss the succession of the priesthood and it ends with the statement: “The Israelites wept for […]

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Zerizim Makdimim L’mitzvot: Those With Passion Run To Do Mitzvot

Zerizim Makdimim L’mitzvot: Those With Passion Run To Do Mitzvot Friday, June 26, 2015- Rabbi Robert Nosanchuk, Dean of Visiting Faculty, URJ Kutz Camp   We are leaders, Jewish leaders. In a setting like ours, that means we are implicitly willing on the to be called out of our ordinary routines for the sake of something that demands our attention. The teachings of our rabbis praise this ideal of being responsive when called to a worthy new task. In the Babylonian Talmud we read “Zerizim Makdimin L’mitzvot.” This means that those who have passion, what the rabbis call zerizut, they […]

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Celebrating Love at Kutz

June 26, 2015. This morning, I had no idea what today had in store. It is the third full day at the Kutz camp, and it is my second year here, so I expected nothing out of the ordinary. I woke up, took a shower, had breakfast, and went to my major. At the beginning of my Torah Corps major, somebody mentioned breaking news, but we had just begun a lesson, so we put it on hold. I was itching to know what it was, and wondered if it was the Supreme Court ruling on gay marriage. I had heard […]

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A Day in the Life

8:30 am I wake up. I look around and I see the amazing girls of Hill 3 running around and getting ready for another day. This is my third year at the URJ Kutz camp and this place is truly my home. Every year is always a different experience. You get to meet new people daily and participate in thought provoking programming. It is a mix of new and old, the perfect blend. After breakfast the whole camp meets in the Teatron for t’filiah. When you look left and look right you know you are at home. Every face is […]

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Dear Mom and Dad

Dear Mom and Dad, When you think about camp, images of kids swimming, hiking, and making incredible friendships comes to mind. At Kutz, there’s all of those elements with the added bonus of a “major”, or a core topic that the teens choose and discover through immersive learning throughout the summer. All of this is supplemented by “minors”, shorter courses taken throughout summer that cover a wide range of topics from “the True and Jewish meaning of Secular Music”, to “Women in Leadership”, and everything in between. In short, being a participant at Kutz is kind of like the perfect […]

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An RA Reflection on Opening Day

Well, it’s finally here… Opening day! After months of counting down it is hard to believe that the gates of Kutz are open for the 50th time and the summer has begun! My name is Isabel Calkins and I am a resident advisor in Bayit 3 this summer. I am currently a student at New York University heading into my sophomore year, and this is my second summer at camp. My first time at Kutz was in 2012 when I was a participant in the song leading major, and I am so happy and excited to be back. When I […]

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