Love in the Box-Kutz 2012

What is Love? We all feel it at one time or another, for a person or a pet or a place or ourselves. If we’re lucky, we feel a lot of it. But what is it and where does it originate? Does it come from the heart or the head? Is it electric or chemical? Or is it a combination? It’s the subject of a new documentary film currently in pre-production, by director/producer Nathan Lang, who first brought us GOD IN THE BOX.

As many of you know, 46 Bowen Road in Warwick, New York is a special place where amazing things happen. It’s the home of URJ Kutz Camp and the annual summer home of 200-incredible teenagers from around the country.

This week, the creative team behind the documentary film, GOD IN THE BOX, returned to Kutz, where it had begun an engaging relationship years earlier, while writing and researching the subject of their first film. GOD IN THE BOX is currently touring the country through a series of film festivals and community screenings on college campuses, as well as semi-theatrical screenings in unique venues from city to city. Bring it to your city!!!

In the Spring of 2012, Lang began discussions again with Kutz Camp Director Melissa Frey and Assistant Director Mike Fuld, to embark on an experimental program, based on the sequel to the film. Lang also teamed-up with Kutz alum and editor Jill Goldstein along with a crew of Kutz participants to explore the next subject in the series — LOVE IN THE BOX.

Lang and the Kutz team collaborated to shoot an experimental short film on campus.  First, they did a makeover of The Box, which was built on campus in ’09 for a program around the original film. Along with summer resident artist, Eldad Shaaltiel, and a crew of painters, The Box was transformed. Campers were invited to step inside, where they would describe what LOVE is to them, and to write a short love note to whomever or whatever they wanted, then read it aloud.  It was incredibly powerful.

Also incredibly, the filmmakers managed to shoot and edit the short film in under 48-hours. It was the finale of an all-camp program around LOVE IN THE BOX.

We want to thank all the participants for being open and honest and courageous by revealing their feelings. We all learned many wonderful things and got remarkable insight from very thoughtful teens. One of the lessons which rang through loud and clear is that while we may love a lot, we don’t share it often enough with the ones we love. We especially want to thank the participants for sharing their love with us.

From a grateful director,
Nathan Lang

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  1. Micol Zimmerman Burkeman July 25, 2012 at 10:22 am #

    Beautiful and deeply moving. Thank you Nathan for creating this incredible model in which teens can express themselves and their thoughts, fears, and questions, and thank you to the amazing teens at Kutz for sharing yourselves and your love with us. Looking forward to seeing what this turns into!

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