Only At Camp Newman

By Ruben Arquilevich

In just a few months, our gates will open to over 1500 children, young & older adult as we prepare to create another remarkable summer of living Judaism, celebrating the joys of Jewish life. The camp directors will commence the summer by blessing the mezuzah at camp’s entrance, singing arm in arm and celebrating the beginning of another magical journey. As parents, grandparents and guardians of these children you have made a significant investment in their future as human beings and as Jews. We are your partners. Now entering my 26th year as a camp professional, I have witnessed the unique and vital benefits bestowed on children at Jewish summer camp. These are gifts that can only manifest at camp:

  • Best Selves – 24/7 living with the value of “everyone has a gift” and the focus on “every child” allows every camper to leave camp with enhanced self image. Campers and staff report discovering and celebrating their best selves.
  •  Life Skills – 24/7 living with the value of self-sufficiency and the focus of helping children to live independently and make decisions in group settings enables every camper amazing growth and life skills; parents report their children return more independent, resilient and better communicators.
  • Love of Judaism – 24/7 living with value of simcha (celebration) and joys of Judaism leave every camper with the sweet taste of Jewish life.
  • Profound Friendships – 24/7 living with bunk mates with the focus on social growth and community helps campers solidify old friendships and forge new ones that make up many of their life long friends; Campers and staff learn to live together in an “ideal” community which fosters appreciation for each other and the natural surroundings, a greater sense of awe, spirituality and meaning and a greater sense of purpose.

We are honored to partner with you to raise up the next generation.

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