How Are Camp Newman Days Different From All Other Days?

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On all other days, campers search for play dates with friends;
On Camp Newman days, campers awake to a cabin filled with lifelong friends who they will journey
with through life’s celebrations.

On all other days, campers search for fun, exciting things to do;
On Camp Newman days, campers awake to a fun-filled day of adventure and thrill!
          Sports, swimming, mountain biking, the tower, the zip-line, the tree house and more…

On all other days, campers seek their independence;
On Camp Newman days, campers experience creating their own home away from home,
          building their independence as they choose activities and share decision making with friends.

On all other days, campers seek a connection to nature;
On Camp Newman days, campers awake to the sounds, smells and sights of 500 acres of wilderness;
           hiking, gardening, the kibbutz, overnights, campfires and the enchanted forest await!

On all other days, parents yearn for their children’s greater connection to Judaism;
On Camp Newman days, campers enjoy the wonders of Judaism through song, dance, exciting programs,
          and arts; over 35 Israeli staff and 150 counselors providing Jewish role modeling,
along with Rabbis educators and Jewish professionals (all wearing shorts:-)).


Happy Passover!!

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