A Vision & A Milestone – Daryl and Jim’s Sleepover

Daryl and Jim sleep over

Seven years ago, the Camp Newman board of directors, under the leadership of Joanne Greene, board chair,  Daryl Messinger, soon- to- be board chair  and Jim Heeger, master plan chair, undertook a bold step for Camp Newman’s future. They initiated a planning process that would result in a vision to  strengthen and secure Camp Newman for generations – by renovating it’s HOME.

Daryl, for years, has commented that she would “never sleep at camp” – and she never did, until this past Thursday (June 6th, 2013).  They had a wonderful night sleep, used the bathrooms, showers and felt ready to run an adult retreat.  Friday morning, June 7th, some of Camp’s board members joined Daryl and Jim in a lunch and learn with the leadership staff, followed by lunch and a chanukat habayit (dedication and hanging a mezuzah).   The attached photo shows Daryl and Jim’s accommodations in one of our new cabins for summer and year-round retreats. The smiles on their faces say it all – pride, joy, gratitude to be able to impact what Rebecca Dollinger so beautifully expresses below:

Board and leadership staff new cabin

URJ New Cabin Blessing, written by Rebecca Dollinger, daughter of Board Members Moshe and Marci Dollinger

Dear New Cabins at Camp Newman,
You have no idea what you have gotten yourselves into
Those walls will hold more tears and laughter in a summer than an average house holds in a year
You will hear the drama between campers
Between counselors
You will hear anger

And happiness
You will watch young children find their place in this beautiful area we call camp
But most of all, you will see campers understand
Their Jewish identity and themselves
You will hear the Shema echoed in your rooms every night
You will watch as campers get rocked to sleep when they’re homesick
Strangers become friends
Love and understanding
I hope you realize what you’ve gotten into
You could’ve been built on a lake or in the mountains
But you were built here
At Camp Newman
The place where friendships are formed and life is just details

You have turned into a home
A place where campers can find their place in this world
Where they can bring back lanyards and stories and songs
Where they can rinse off the dirt from the day
There is going to be a lot of dirt
But not to worry
It’s dirt that is infused with the great times of  summer

You may become a mess
But a mess of friendship and love
Songs will echo
Your walls will hear the songs of Judaism and friendship
Happily excitedly sung
You will become a sanctuary
A happy home away from home

Your quiet walls will not be quiet for long
Enjoy it now
Soon there will be nothing but cheers and songs
Tears and laughs
Joys and sorrows
You will become a home at last



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