A Letter from Hevrah

Eight days down, 19 days more to go. Even in this short period of time, Hevrah has already been working towards changing the world. Our theme this is year is immigration reform. With the help of our Rashim, Nicole and Hadas, and our incredible staff members, we were divided into six task forces. Each of these task forces focuses on specific aspects of our Hevrah experience.


  • There is the Expressions task force, which focuses on educating and advertising through social media and the Hevrah shirt design.
  • Guerilla Theater makes a variety of skits about immigration.
  • The Art task force works on creating the flash mob we are performing on Project Day and in creating a mural for camp.
  • The T’fillah task force creates fun religious services incorporating our theme while educating all of Camp Newman.
  • Lobbying works on directly talking to our congressmen about the issues Hevrah is addressing.

Each morning, these groups spend time working on their specific duties. All the groups are underway and hard at work for our Hevrah Project Day on August 7th. On this day, all 58 Hevrah campers, staff, specialists, and Rashim will set out on a bus to the California state capitol, Sacramento, to present our work to the city and its politicians

Each morning after breakfast, all of Hevrah gathers together to participate in a group program centered on immigration. From taking the immigration test to see if we would be eligible to enter the United States, we found out the test was harder than we expected.

“I was shocked to see I was only able to answer three out of the ten questions correctly. I guess I would not be able to be a citizen had I been an immigrant requesting entry,” Hevrah camper Abraham Sculler said.100_6036

One of the most moving programs we have had was on this past Monday. Four immigrants who crossed over the border illegally shared their stories with us. Three of the four told their story in Spanish which a translator then translated.

“Before we had met these immigrants, immigration was just a term. After this program I was able to put a face and story to immigration as an issue. It was an eye opening experience,” Hevrah camper Samantha Cheney said.

Later today we will be hearing from another guest speaker. We will be sure to keep you all informed and updated on this blog. We plan on posting regularly. Be sure to check back to read more about what Hevrah has on the agenda.


Shalom and see you next time!

Lauren Perlmutter, Lauren Cohen, and Phillip Tennen

Expressions Task Force, H2K13

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  1. Bubbe Sculler July 31, 2013 at 10:11 pm #

    I am so happy that you are learning about immigration, both legal and illegal. Both of my parents were legal immigrants in the early 1900s. Attitudes were very different then on all sides of the issue.

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