20 things that make Camp AWESOME!

We all know that Camp is the best and happiest place on earth (sorry Disneyland). But why? What makes camp so special? In honor of summer starting so soon, we’d like to share our reasons with you! Check back here every day until summer starts for one more thing that makes camp AWESOME!

20. The friends you make

photo9Camp friends are unlike any other friends in the world. Camp friends are our community, they are our family, they are our roommates and, if we’re lucky, even our co-counselors one day. The bond we create with our friends at camp is life-long and life-strong.

19. Sacred Community

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Camp is a special kind of community where we discover and celebrate our best selves!

18. Adventure Mountain

P2yBMD on Make A Gif, Animated GifsUp on our infamous Adventure Mountain we offer many ways for our campers to face their fears, try something new or to do something a little crazy! We have a three sided climbing wall, a 50 foot alpine tower, a zip-line and a high ropes course! Each offers different level challenge to meet and challenge every skill level.

17. Learning to Love the Outdoors

aFdTG6 on Make A Gif, Animated GifsAt Camp Newman, we emulate many of the lessons bestowed by nature – to listen, feel and appreciate life – through nature, our friends, our community and our selves. Surrounded by thousands of trees, blue sky and 500 acres of wilderness, the Newman setting is ideal.

16. The Memories

rXQBol on Make A Gif, Animated GifsCamp experiences are one of a kind and create truly unique and special memories for every camper. These memories are what keep camp alive all year long for so many of our staff members and campers. Many in our camp community go on to cherish these memories for the rest of their lives.

 15. Shabbat

CEbkBX on Make A Gif, Animated GifsShabbat is the ultimate celebration at camp. We gather together as a whole camp to sing, dance and thank God for all of our blessings.

14. The Pool


Our pool is not only olympic sized, but it also has more pool toys than a kid could ever want, it’s stocked fully with sunscreen and fun music! On top of all that, we have a 30 foot water slide! Every session gets to spend time at our awesome pool every day.

13. The food

DSCF1031Every day our kitchen turns out 2100 meals for our 700 campers and staff. We offer meals that are not only delicious but healthy! On top of our amazing menu, we offer a salad bar at every meal with over fifteen different healthy toppings and options.

12. Yom Sport!

fYgiv9 on Make A Gif, Animated GifsA full day dedicated to dressing up, running around and playing sports? Sounds AWESOME!

11. The Staff

2sWYUj on Make A Gif, Animated GifsWhy are you the luckiest campers in the world? You have the best staff in the world! Every one of our staff acts as a mentor, role model and friend to every camper.

10. Hike to the Star

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Every kid at camp, throughout all the years at Newman, has a chance to go on our legendary ‘Hike to the Star’. From the lookout, just above our star, you can see all of camp!

9. OKY (Operation Kibbutz Yarok)

Cvxqpy on Make A Gif, Animated Gifs5 goats, one dozen chickens, two teepees, and enough love for farming and the outdoors to last a lifetime! What more could we ask for in a place?

8. The Overnight

GzagcN on Make A Gif, Animated GifsWith a hike through our enchanted forest, t’fillah at sunset and sleeping under the stars the overnight is not only beautiful but one of the best times for campers and sessions to bond with one another.

7. B’tzelem Elohim

DcK9Nj on Make A Gif, Animated GifsB’tzelem Elohim means ‘Made in the Image of God’. Camp is one of the few places that allow us to truly be ourselves and appreciate everyone around us for exactly who they are! Individuality is treasured and celebrated at camp!

6. Our Mishlachat!

J7cQwp on Make A Gif, Animated GifsThe Israeli staff that join us every year bring first hand experience of life in Israel and tons of new songs and games!

5. Session Songs!

Xjp5BW on Make A Gif, Animated GifsEvery Saturday we all get together to share our ruach (spirit) for our sessions! Every session gets up and sings their song!

4. Ultimate Frisbee

u9zeKH on Make A Gif, Animated GifsIt’s the best! What more can we say?

3. Cabin Time

100_2571 Hashkevah (cabin time) is one of the most special times at camp, when each cabin does a fun and bonding activity together before bed that is planned specially for them by their counselors.

2. Everyone is Jewish!

DSCF2306Our community is unique and special for many reasons, but one of our favorites is that we all have one awesome thing in common…we’re all Jewish!

1. Our Campers!

8rDfjE on Make A Gif, Animated GifsWe couldn’t have such an awesome camp with awesome people and awesome fun things to do without YOU!

What do YOU think makes camp so awesome? Leave us a comment!


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